Truck Driving: Jobs to Get Money Fast

If you’ve just earned your CDL, you’re probably eager to find jobs to get money fast. It’s time to get out on the road and start putting in the hours, but which jobs pay best? There can be a lot of trial and error to find which trucking niche you fit into. What jobs will be best for your needs and lifestyle? Most lucrative truck driving jobs require a few years of experience, but if you maintain a good work ethic and driving record, it shouldn’t take long to get the skills these jobs require. If you want truck driving jobs to get money fast, consider making one of these positions your new goal.

Well-Paid Truck Driving Jobs

Private Fleets

Many large corporations with locations all across the country employ private trucking fleets so they are not at the mercy of public trucking demand. Because private fleets want the best drivers, these positions are some of the best paid non-specialty trucking jobs. Walmart, for example, pays fleet drivers an average of $75,000-$80,000 annual salary. This greater compensation means the job requirements are also higher than average, as most private fleets demand potential candidates who have a clean driving record and no criminal background. 

Union Jobs

If you want to start your trucking career with jobs to get money fast, you should consider being a union driver. You don’t have to already be a part of a union to apply for these jobs, as most will guide you through a joining process upon hiring. Most union drivers operate by transporting smaller shipments to more local levels, meaning they are home more often, which could be a good choice for drivers with families at home. Union jobs welcome those who want to be part of a community and have their voices heard, plus they make about 27% more than nonunion workers on average. 

Team Driving 

Driving with another person is a great way to split the work AND get good pay. Most trucker salaries are calculated by “cents per mile” (CPM) and the miles you can manage to drive in your hours of service. The solo driver has limited hours due to mandatory off-duty time for safety. With team driving, you can take those breaks, let your partner drive, and finish the job more quickly. The more jobs the teams can fit in, the more money they make. These jobs are great for drivers who don’t necessarily love being alone on the open road but want to work hard and do the job right. 


One of the best ways to earn more money per job is to become a specialized driver. Training in delivering specialty shipments increases demand for your skills, and thus more money in your pocket.

Oversized Loads

In the United States, oversized load drivers haul materials that exceed a height and width of 8’6” and a maximum weight of 46,000 pounds. These jobs usually revolve around transport of construction vehicles, prefabricated homes, or other large structures. Each state has its laws and regulations regarding the transport of these loads, but most states do not require more qualifications than a standard CDL, though some carriers may require an endorsement. Drivers must understand what equipment, road conditions, and vigilant driving methods to transport these loads safely, as they pose an above-average risk for drivers on the road. If you’re up for the challenge, these jobs can pay around $55,000 a year. 

HAZMAT & Tankers

HAZMAT trucking jobs involve the transport of dangerous materials across the country. Drivers should be prepared to take on the responsibility of carrying toxic materials and be aware of the risks involved. Drivers who pursue this path must already have their CDL, then train for a HAZMAT endorsement (code H). This specialization is in high demand, so it’s likely a carrier will pay for drivers to earn certification. 

Since hazardous materials are often transported in tankers, some drivers must earn a tanker endorsement (code N), which proves their qualifications to transport trucks hauling liquids. These certifications can usually be earned at the same time as an “X” endorsement. Certifications usually involve a written knowledge test, TSA Security Threat Assessment application, fingerprinting, and a background check, since the materials are such high risk. Jumping through these hoops may seem like a lot, but these drivers usually make over $70,000 a year. 

Ice Road Trucking 

The most dangerous and well-paid position in the trucking industry is an ice-road trucker. These drivers face hazardous conditions every day as they transport cargo across icy environments. These skilled drivers have to stay vigilant at all times while on the job and meet deadlines while keeping themselves and cargo undamaged. These drivers put their lives at risk for the job. Because of this, they are compensated rather well. An ice road job can earn an average truck driver’s annual pay in just a few months, and many who drive year around make between $100,000-$200,000. Becoming an ice-road truck driver takes dedication and years of experience, but it could pay off if you are quick on your feet and don’t mind the cold. 

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