Can My CDL Transfer to Another State? Updated 2024

As you make deliveries across the country, you may ask yourself, “Can my CDL transfer to another state?” The answer is no, your commercial driver’s license does not transfer from state to state if you decide to move. 

It’s easy to see yourself living in a different state when your job allows you to travel through multiple states a week.  As you experience new places, you may find yourself wanting to move to a place that you have visited during a trip. Since truck driving is an extremely versatile career, you can still make the move by transferring your CDL to your new residing state. 


Can My CDL Transfer to Another State?

Can My CDL Transfer to Another State?

Your current CDL can’t transfer to another state. However, if you move, you will have to transfer your commercial driver’s license to the new state. 

It is against the law to obtain two driver’s licenses at once. When you receive your CDL in your new state, you are prohibited from using your personal driver’s license or former commercial driver’s license any further. 

Usually, most states require that you surrender your former CDL and receive your new one within 30 to 60 days of becoming a resident. On the other hand, some states only require that you do so before your current license expires. It’s critical that you change your license within the specific time period of your new state because you risk receiving a ticket or having your license revoked.

How Do You Transfer Your CDL To A New State?

The specific requirements to transfer your CDL to a new state varies depending on the state. However, the transferral process is relatively easy and convenient. When you transfer your CDL, this is what you can generally expect:

  1. Visit your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in-person or online. If you proceed to transfer your CDL online, you may find a form that will need to be filled out in order to complete the transfer. A transfer fee is likely to be required by most states, as well. 
  2. You will need to present proof of your new address in the state that you moved to. This can include a vehicle registration, utility bill, bank statement, etc. 
  3. Some states require you to retake certain parts of the CDL test and pay a testing fee. Usually, the written part of the CDL test is required to transfer your commercial drivers’ license to a new state. 
  4. Present a medical examination letter or certificate. The document must state that you are medically permitted to drive a commercial vehicle. Medical documents that are over a year old will not be accepted by the DMV. 
  5. A background and fingerprint check must be provided if you will be applying for a HAZMAT endorsement with the change of your CDL. 
  6. Transfer your CDL to your new state within 30 to 60 days of your new residency. All fees must be paid and testing must be completed during that time in order to change your CDL to your new state. 

Upon your move, utilize these general steps and research the CDL transfer requirements for your new state in order to change your CDL more efficiently. 

Can You Have A CDL In Two States?

Government regulations prohibit you from obtaining a CDL in two states. The moment that you change your Commercial Driver’s License to a new state, you must surrender your former CDL license. 

Your CDL is valid in every state, but it has to be issued within the state that you currently reside. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 restricted truck drivers from receiving multiple CDL licenses for each state they would be driving in.

How Do You Train for Your CDL?

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