Can You Obtain a CDL While on Active Duty?

Finding a job while on active duty can be hard. Luckily, Truck Driver Institute is here to help. We are proud of our veterans and active service members, and supply aid to those who have served or are serving in the US military. Truck Driver Institute has an over 86% placement rating for its students and is eager to help members of the US military find their careers.

Can You Obtain a CDL While on Active Duty?

Yes! Truck Driver Institute provides tuition assistance to members of the US military. In accordance with the Post-9/11 GI Bill, military members who have served in active duty after September 10th, 2001 will receive financial assistance when completing their CDL training. Additionally, students of Truck Driver Institute will never be penalized for any late tuition or fee payments while receiving aid from the military. We are proudly committed to assisting those who have served our country in obtaining the key to their new career as a truck driver.

Veterans Are in Demand

Do you have what it takes to become a professional truck driver? If you have experience in the military, then the answer is most likely yes! Through their experience in the US military, veterans learn many different transferable skills that are highly desirable in the job market, particularly in the trucking industry. 

  • Work Ethic: Veterans are widely known and respected for their incredible work ethic. They show up on time, every time: this is what truck driving is all about. Showing up to work or to a delivery site on time is the best way to ensure success as a truck driver, and US Military veterans are perfectly set up to do so.
  • Communication Skills: Communication is key for any trucker wishing to be successful in the industry, just as it is essential for military personnel. A veteran’s time in the military has likely contributed greatly to their communication skills, making them invaluable professionals in the field.
  • Determination: Members of the US Military are known for their determination. Veterans don’t back down from a challenge; trucking companies acknowledge that. There are sure to be several hardships to be faced down the road of a truck driving career, but successful truckers are able to stick it out and emerge victorious. 
  • Experience: Serving in the US Military is a job in itself, and trucking companies value that experience. Some Military members already have experience operating heavy machinery, and may already possess the certifications necessary to do so; this can result in faster job placement and higher salary for any individual this applies to.

Veterans Are Successful

There is data to suggest that veteran truck drivers are often more successful than their peers. Compared to those with no military experience, veteran truck drivers:

  • Have 42% fewer accidents. Veterans are trained to be cautious and alert – that shows when they are placed on the road as a truck driver. 
  • Are fired 62% less. This statistic speaks for itself. Any active military member knows what it takes to dedicate themselves to a profession, and understands discipline. These skills result in an incredibly lower turnover rate for US Military members.
  • Drive 98% more miles. Miles=money. Veterans are no strangers to endurance, and endurance is just what it takes to rack up the miles as a truck driver. 

Trucking Companies Are Hiring

According to the National Trucking Association, Truckers are in demand right now. They estimate that there is currently a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers in the industry. This means that any veteran asking themselves, “Can you obtain a CDL while on active duty?” should instead flock to the nearest CDL certification course and begin learning the skills necessary to be a successful truck driver. Completing your CDL should result in rapid placement among one of the top trucking companies in the industry due to the nationwide labor shortage of professional truck drivers, and the United States’ reliance on trucking for delivery of packages, and transportation of freight. 

Luckily, Truck Driver Institute can get you on the road in just 3 weeks. Our CDL training program takes just 15 days of coursework, and our graduates have an over 86% job placement rate. Beginning the endeavor to obtain your CDL as an active duty military member or veteran is one of the safest career choices you can make. 

Truck Drivers Have Financial Freedom

Truck Drivers, in most companies, have a starting salary of around $70,000. This starting salary can increase all the way up to $150,000 with experience and extra certifications. This combined with the fact that truckers receive health benefits paid time off, and the ability to travel makes trucking a no-brainer for any US military member looking for a steady career. Many trucking companies give truck drivers the option to select their route, allow them to have influence over their schedule, and some companies allow their drivers to return home every single day. If you are a US Military member with a family, truck driving may be the career for you. 

Start Your New Career in Just 3 Weeks

So, once again, can you obtain a CDL while on active duty? The answer is up to you! Truck Driver Institute and our trucking partners commit themselves daily to serving US Military members, just as they have served us. We proudly uphold the post-9/11 GI Bill, and will never penalize students for late payments or fees made on behalf of the VA. Veterans and active members of the US Military are highly sought after in the trucking industry due to their invaluable skills gained and developed during military training and service.

Truck Driver Institute’s world-leading CDL training program takes just 3 short weeks to complete! Upon graduation from our program, 86% of our students have already found placement as a professional driver in one of the many trucking companies we work with. Truck Driver Institute partners with several trucking companies that offer tuition reimbursement and has 11 campuses that span 8 different states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Wherever you are, your new career as a professional truck driver is just 3 weeks away.

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