Post CDL Jobs: Learn about our Partner Carriers

Once you get your commercial driver’s license from Truck Driver Institute, it’s time to start looking for post CDL jobs. But don’t worry – you’re not alone! TDI is here to help. The job placement rate for our graduates is over 86%, so there’s never been a better time to get your CDL with TDI. Read on to learn more about post CDL jobs with our partner carriers!

How Truck Driver Institute Prepares You for the Workforce

Once you graduate from our CDL course, you’ll have a list of new skills to showcase. You will be:

  • Qualified to hold an entry-level trucking job with your Class A CDL.
  • Aware of the laws and safety procedures truckers must follow.
  • A skilled and safe driver who knows all the rules of the road.
  • Able to easily read a map, log your travel in the logbook, document your cargo, contact dispatch, and handle emergencies.

Not only will you be prepared – you’ll also be leaving with the opportunity to be employed! When you graduate from TDI, you’ll have a CDL, a Diploma, and a variety of job opportunities with good pay to choose from. Post CDL jobs also include a long list of benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, 401K retirement, and much more.

TDI’s Job Placement Program

At TDI, we have a three-stage job placement process designed to place you with a company that best fits your needs and skillset.

First Stage

The first stage involves an application screening, helping you get a head start on the placement process. This is beneficial because you learn about our partner companies before your training even begins.

Second Stage

In the second stage, you work side-by-side with our placement specialists throughout your training. During this period, we ask about your interests, goals, and current situation to find you a good employer match.

Third Stage

In the final stage, we help you secure a job. Even if you don’t receive a job offer before graduation, the experts at TDI will continue to work with you post-grad to ensure you are placed with a carrier as soon as possible.

Our job placement program is extremely successful and hands-on, with a success rate exceeding 86%. So while TDI cannot guarantee placement for every single graduate, the numbers (and student testimonials) illustrate that our program has worked wonders for thousands of new drivers over the years.

Post CDL Jobs: Learn About Our Partner Carriers

When you get your CDL with TDI, you have the opportunity to work with one of our amazing carrier partners. Read on to learn more about these post-CDL jobs.

Werner Enterprises

Established in 1956, Werner Enterprises is one of the largest truckload carriers in the nation. Their services include everything from temperature-controlled to flatbed and expedited services. In addition to a healthy starting salary and great benefits, your personal time, off-duty needs, and route preferences are all taken into consideration.

H.O. Wolding

H.O. Wolding prioritizes customer service, and efficiency and logistics are always at the forefront of their planning. That’s why H.O. Wolding is one of the best carriers in the U.S., offering tuition reimbursement and entry-level pay that increases the longer you drive for them.


Schneider National offers opportunities to continue your CDL training before you hit the open road. Schneider’s career opportunities include regional, tanker, and team driving options.

KLLM Transport

KLLM Transport gives new drivers a variety of options. Once you are assigned a truck, you can work in several fields within CDL driving, allowing you to perform the role best suited to your personal preferences.

TMC Transportation

While lots of our partners provide tuition reimbursement to TDI graduates, TMC is special because they offer pay DURING training.

Cypress Truck Lines 

Cypress Truck Lines began in 1972, and they have no shortage of open positions and options that are crafted to help you meet your mileage goals and earn a competitive salary right off the bat.

U.S. Xpress 

Much like the experts at TDI, U.S. Xpress has tuition assistance and many other forms of financial aid available to its drivers. They’re one of the biggest trucking companies in the United States, but they still manage to offer a personal, small business feel when you drive for them.

Stevens Transport 

Like TDI, Stevens Transport is committed to finding you a Class A CDL job as soon as possible after = graduating. They attract high-quality drivers by paying off the first student loan payment. And, if you stay with Steves for two years or more, they will offer to pay off your entire loan. You can’t beat that!

TransAm Trucking 

TransAm is best known for its temperature-controlled trucking and its strong benefits. They offer a variety of benefits such as paid time off, medical and dental coverage, a 401k retirement plan, and one of the most robust tuition reimbursement programs around.

DOT Transportation 

DOT is highly acclaimed, receiving mentions from Forbes for being one of the U.S.’s largest trucking companies. This high-profile success helps DOT hire some of the best CDL drivers on the road, and they know how to keep their drivers happy. New drivers are compensated every week during their post-hire training, ensuring that drivers can begin earning as soon as possible.


Since its start in 1994, Amazon has transformed the way people relate to goods, services, and the ways we access these things. Because Amazon has become the average person’s first choice when it comes to online shopping, they’ve contributed to a large demand for CDL drivers who deliver the goods purchased on their platform.

McElroy Truck Lines 

Founded in the 1960s, McElroy has humble beginnings. The company started when J.C. McElroy Jr. bought a single pulpwood truck and began his own business. 50 years later, McElroy is one of the U.S.’s leading flatbed carriers, continuing a long tradition of excellence.

Secure Post CDL Jobs with the Help of TDI

Once you get your CDL, post CDL jobs are the next thing on your mind. With the help of TDI and our extensive list of partner carriers, securing post CDL jobs doesn’t have to be scary. We’re here to help every step of the way, ensuring that your post CDL jobs align with your needs and personal preferences. Whether you want a high starting salary, strong benefits, or a flexible schedule, there’s a trucking company out there that can help you achieve your dreams. 

But no matter where you chose to work, TDI’s CDL training program ensures that you are prepared to work any commercial truck driving job. With locations in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina, you can get started today and become a successful truck driver. 

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