How to Find the Best CDL Training Orlando Has to Offer

Beginning your trucking career is an exciting and important decision, but finding the best CDL training Orlando has to offer can be a hard thing to do if you aren’t sure what to look for. From the cost of courses to the likelihood of finding job placement after completing the training, future truck drivers have a lot of things to consider before getting started on their journey.

Different trucking schools will have different policies and prices, but only one will offer you the pace, pricing, and preparation that fits your budget and schedule. At Truck Driver Institute, we offer CDL training Orlando residents are happy to take advantage of to get ahead. If you are seeking CDL training in the Orlando area, keep reading to find out what factors you need to consider when picking out the best option for you.

How to Find the Best CDL Training Orlando Has to OfferWhy We’re The CDL Training Orlando Residents Love

We’re Cost Effective

For anyone looking to advance their career through additional technical training, cost is a primary factor to keep in mind. Depending on the company through which you attain your commercial driver’s license, you could find yourself paying quite a bit of money. Some trucking schools even charge aspiring drivers for their tuition fees up front, before they have even gotten any benefit from the course.

At Truck Driver Institute, we have very affordable pricing and can accept the GI Bill ® for veterans. TDI has resources to help students get financial assistance if needed, including a scholarship for those that do not require funding assistance. It’s important to be on the lookout for tuition reimbursement options, as well. The recruiters at TDI work with trucking company carriers who offer tuition reimbursement options to help qualifying students cover some if not all of their costs.

On top of that, we can also provide you with lodging if you are coming in from out of town to start your CDL training in Orlando, saving you even more money and removing the hurdles between you and your commercial driver’s license. Paying for your training shouldn’t be a distraction or deterrent when it comes to starting your new career. Use Truck Driver Institute to begin your new journey at a reasonable rate.

We Value Your Time

Getting your CDL training shouldn’t take forever. Some trucking schools can require months of your time before you can begin your career. Not everyone has time for such drawn-out courses, and either way, it isn’t necessary! The seasoned professionals at the Truck Driver Institute can get you in and out of your CDL training program in as little as 15 days! But rest assured that the quality of your training will not be sacrificed for speed. Within your three weeks at TDI, you will receive supervision and direction in both the classroom as well as behind the wheel. That is because at Truck Drivers Institute, all students participate in supervised, real, on-the-road training hours.

Also, TDI educates participants about the technical facets of truck driving, such as reading maps and conducting pre-trip inspections. Finally, we also make sure our students are well versed in all applicable laws and requirements for commercial trucking in their area, so when they finish their training, they are ready to hit the open road. Our classes were developed by authentic experienced truck driving professionals, so you can be sure that you will learn everything you need to know in a timely fashion.

We Take Care of Our Graduates 

The care we put into designing our CDL training program at TDI does not go unnoticed by prospective employers. We can tell because we have a job placement rate of over 80% for those who graduate from our program. Because many of our instructors are experienced truck drivers themselves, the know-how and proficiency they instill in students sets TDI’s graduates apart from the rest in the job market. Still, we don’t just leave your employment potential up to chance.

When evaluating where you will get your commercial driver’s license, knowing that you will be able to find work after completing the program is vital. We appreciate that fact, and that’s why from the beginning of your time with TDI, you will be working closely with a personal staff representative who is there to help expedite your hiring process after graduating. Our dedicated team works regularly with more than 20 trucking carriers, who actively seek out TDI graduates to fill their positions. No matter the time it takes, we will stand by you even after your training is complete to make sure you can find the job placement you need.

Take Advantage of the Best CDL Training Orlando Has to Offer

If you value your time, money, and employment position, you aren’t going to find a CDL training program in Orlando that can compete with all that the Truck Driver Institute can promise. With low-cost tuition and minimal upfront costs, and the potential to get you expertly trained and started on your truck driving career in less than one month, TDI sets itself apart as the clear choice for anyone seeking CDL training in Orlando. Additionally, if you have already received training and just need a place to take the exam, Truck Drivers Institute has got you covered there, too. We have approved examiners on staff ready to schedule and administer your exam to keep you in motion towards getting your commercial driver’s license.

Starting a new career can change your life and help you support your loved ones and livelihood. This time next month, you could hold a commercial driver’s license and be on your way to an employment situation that suits your lifestyle! Beginning your trucking career can easily become overwhelming with so many schools to compare, but TDI takes the hassle and guesswork out of it. Take control of your future with a new and exciting profession in as little as three weeks.

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