How to Weatherproof Semi Trucks

Truckers face many challenges when faced with the decision of how to weatherproof semi trucks. Truck driving is a difficult career path. From learning how to drive through inclement weather to adhering to the time restraints of delivering a load, truckers have had to juggle many responsibilities when it comes to their lives on the road. Here’s an all-inclusive guide to how to weatherproof semi trucks to put some ease back into your profession. 

How to Weatherproof Semi Trucks

How to Weatherproof Semi Trucks

No matter the terrain, a load has got to get where it needs to go. One of the qualities of a great trucker is their ability to adapt to the different surroundings they may come across while traveling on the major highways of this great nation. You want to make sure your semi truck is safe and secure to take you through any kind of weather condition. By following these sure-fire steps, you can weatherproof your vehicle and be on the road in no time. 

The Pre-Inspection

A genuine rule of thumb for how to weatherproof semi trucks starts with an inspection. Before you can take your show on the road, you need to see what you’re working with. A careful survey of the truck and trailer needs to be done, so you can spot any inconsistencies that may come up when you’re on the road. This is the part where you make sure your headlights are working properly. The lights on your semi truck are your way of communicating with other drivers in inclement weather, so you want to make sure they are all in working order before you get moving. Here is the time to make sure your windshield wipers are clean and free of any debris. You don’t want to disrupt their ability to wipe soot or any other debris from your view while driving. You should also check that none of your tires are in danger of going flat unexpectedly. During the pre-inspection, you should make sure all of your fluids are where they’re supposed to be, so that you don’t run out when you need them the most. A good and thorough pre-inspection can make or break a long journey on the road. 

Weatherproof for Winter Weather

You know you’ve got what it takes to be a truck driver once you’ve faced the harsh winter weather. Blizzards, snow storms, and icy roads really force even the most seasoned truckers to pull out all the stops when it comes to driving. Driving in the severe weather conditions brought on by winter truly tests a driver’s resolve for getting the job done. When it comes to the scary wintertime weather, try these tips out to keep your semi truck in its best working condition:

Synthetic Oil

For colder temperatures, a tank of synthetic oil might be the best option for your semi truck. Synthetic oil will start your engine smoother when the temperature drops and you won’t have to worry about it freezing in the cold. Regular oil tends to sludge up and thicken in cooler temperatures, which can damage the longevity of your truck and make for a rough morning on top of the chilly weather. 

Cat Litter

While there’s nothing wrong with bringing the family pet on the big bad highways with you, cat litter makes this list for another purpose. It is a great way to create traction for your semi truck’s tires. When your truck loses traction, it may hydroplane on an icy or slick road and you lose control. This happens when snow melts, but also if the rain is bad enough. Cat litter can bring on some resistance to ground your winter (or all-weather) tires and get you on the road safely. 

The RIght Tires

For a trucker, tires are a huge investment. You want to make sure the tires on your semi truck and trailer are durable for whatever weather condition you may have to drive through. That’s why it’s important to have winter tires when you know you’ll be driving through the snow. They have a better grip and offer a more secure traction in the cold weather.  As a safe bet, you can also get a set of all-weather tires. These adaptive, heavy-duty tires can maneuver your semi through any weather and assist you in delivering your load to any destination. 

Waiting It Out

When the weather gets too crazy, sometimes the best thing to do is just wait it out. Find the next exit and pull over into a nearby gas station or motel. This is not only the best way to ensure your safety and the safety of your other drivers, but you’re less likely to be snowed in when you park at one of those spots. If the snow gets too high, people will tend to focus on the main highways, then exit ramps, and then rest areas for plowing. Don’t be afraid to remain inside your truck. Sometimes, that’s the safest place to be when battling harsh conditions. A true trucker knows when it’s best to wait for the danger to clear before continuing on their journey. 

Weatherproof for Summer Weather

During the summer, truckers face destructive tornadoes, severe rain showers, and devastating heat. Here are a few ways to keep your semi truck weatherproof, even when you least expect the weather to take a turn for the dangerous. 

Idling the Engine

Whether you’re faced with extreme heat or severe cold, it’s smart to idle your engine to regulate the temperature inside your truck. Often, truckers will sleep inside their semis during the night and need to keep warm or stay cool during the night. Consider plugging in a portable fan into your semi’s AUX port to blow your way when it gets too hot. Review your state’s laws surrounding idling beforehand, as some states will ticket for this practice. 

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