Indiana Class A CDL school: 5 Reasons to Choose TDI

Indiana Class A CDL school: 5 Reasons to Choose TDI

Truck Driver Institute is a truck driving school Indiana drivers can trust. Our Indiana Class A CDL school offers training for both the Class A and Class B commercial drivers license (CDL) certification as a comprehensive commercial driving school. Here are 5 quick reasons to choose TDI:

  • Affordable and Flexible
  • Class A CDL Certification in Indiana
  • Versatile Training
  • Job Place and Career Opportunities
  • THREE Indiana Class A CDL Schools

If you want the most efficient Indiana Class A CDL school, choose Truck Driver’s Institute, for the best truck driving education you’ll ever receive.

While many careers are oversaturated, Indiana’s transportation industry is actively seeking drivers. As the state with the shortest distance to the U.S. population’s median center, Indiana is the natural headquarters for the transportation industry. Truck Driver Institute has three Indiana Class A CDL schools in South Bend, Indianapolis, and Sellersburg. The state boasts over 100,000 transportation jobs. Indiana is the #1 producer of truck trailers, has the most pass-through highways, and is home to FedEx’s second-largest air hub worldwide.

Just 15 days after you arrive at our truck driving school in Indiana, you’ll graduate from our program qualified for a new and in-demand career in Indiana’s booming transportation industry. 

5 Reasons to Choose TDI as Your Indiana Class A CDL School

  1. Affordable and Flexible

    At our Indiana Class A CDL school, we make sure our tuition rates are affordable, unlike other Indiana training schools. At Truck Driver Institute, we are proud to help coordinate tuition reimbursements, grants, and even discounts to veterans. We do not require thousands of dollars upfront. Truck Driver Institute costs anywhere between $200-$300 to get started, depending on whether or not you will require lodging. 

    There are also several options for tuition assistance offered at our Indiana Class A CDL school. With Career Education Funding, our Student Services Department can help you find the best funding options to help you with tuition. Many trucking companies offer tuition assistance for education on top of great benefits and competitive salary.

  2. Class A CDL Certification in Indiana

    At Truck Driver Institute, our Indiana Class A CDL school focuses on Class A certification but we also offer Class B and Class C certifications. Class A CDL is the most advanced CDL you can obtain. It allows you to drive everything up to a truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 10,000 pounds or more. With a Class A CDL, you can drive every vehicle certified under the Class B and C CDLs, including an 18-wheeler. It also the certification needed to drive large cargo across state lines. This allows for more versatile employment opportunities in Indiana and elsewhere.

  3. Versatile Training

    We pride ourselves at Truck Driver Institute for offering versatile training specific to the personal and geographical needs of our students. At our Indianapolis, South Bend, and Sellersburg locations, you learn both the technical and the operational aspects of driving a semi-truck like maintaining driver logs, reading maps, trip planning, and conducting a pre-trip safety inspection of your vehicle.

    At our Indiana Class A CDL schools, we train drivers with the knowledge to travel on all types of terrain in all weather conditions. Our hands-on training provides you with behind-the-wheel training with all types of trucks. We provide drivers with the knowledge to take care of themselves and their vehicles during long trips or inclement weather.

  4. Job Placement and Career Opportunities

    Did you know that 90% of Truck Driver Institute graduates gain a career in the transportation industry? Your success is our number one priority! Since 1973, our Class A Indiana CDL school’s affordable tuition rates and incomparable training have produced amazing results. We offer graduates a plethora of job options. All of our 20+ carriers offer competitive salaries and quality benefits for new drivers nationwide.

    These companies regularly hire Truck Driver Institute grads because they know they have the skills and confidence to jump right into the driver’s seat. Some students even get job offers before they graduate from our Class A Indiana CDL schools! A few of the companies we partner with include Werner, KLLM, TransAm, U.S. Express, and FedEx. 

    There is no better time to enroll in one of our Class A CDL schools than right now. Currently, the country is experiencing a shortage of CDL certified truck drivers. There are over 30,000 positions available today! Experts predict that the number of truck drivers will only continue to increase as more billions of dollars in cargo is needed every day. Upon graduating from Truck Driver Institute, you could earn between $40,000-$60,000 to start. Additionally, major carriers have been granting these amazing opportunities to people with poor driving records, criminal records, people with bad credit, people with no diploma, and even people with DUIs.

  5. We Have THREE Indiana Class A CDL schools!

    We are happy to have THREE Indiana Class A CDL schools in Indianapolis, South Bend, and Sellersburg. Our Indianapolis training facility is located at 3542 East 500 North, Whiteland, IN 46184. Opened in 2004, our Indianapolis facility has 18-acres for the optimal training experience, renovated with state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment. If you live in Anderson, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Carmel, and Bloomington, Indiana, our Indianapolis location can serve as your Indiana Class A CDL school.

    Our South Bend school is located at 24645 S.R. 23, South Bend, IN 46680. Serving the South Bend area for over 45 years, our 18 acres facility has trained high skilled truck drivers that currently drive nationwide. We know many of our students do not live in either of these cities and that’s why we offer lodging for our out-of-town students. In fact, our South Bend location is within range for many people living in Elkhart, and Gary, Indiana, and even southern Michigan.

    Our third Indiana Class A CDL school is located in Sellersburg, right outside of Louisville, Kentucky. We are proud to train students from across the country, including those that come from across state lines into Indiana. Serving the area for over 26 years, the 8+ acre facility is a spacious, modern training center.

Choose TDI as Your Indiana Class A CDL school!

Not only is Indiana the ideal location for a career in truck driving, but Truck Driver Institute also offers an unparalleled CDL training and certification program. Our Indiana Class A CDL schools in Indianapolis, South Bend, and Sellersburg blend classroom and behind-the-wheel training. In 15 days, you’ll graduate from TDI with the skills, knowledge, and experience desired by major transportation companies. Each week of our program prepares you for your CDL license. 

No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to embark on a well-paid career with CDL training at Truck Driver Institute. A truck driving career offers you the opportunity to travel while earning a competitive salary, considerable healthcare benefits, and a retirement plan.

Let’s connect today so you can begin your journey to a fruitful career in the truck driving industry!

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