The Benefits of Using Tax Return for School

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As spring comes and goes, more individuals are receiving their money back from the United States government after filing their taxes. There are many reasons to go back to school. Using a tax return for school is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking for a change of pace due to new life circumstances or personal desires. 

Why Use Tax Return for School?

A tax return also called a tax refund, is money given back to individuals as reimbursement for paying too much in taxes to the federal or state government the previous year. 

Most Americans plan on using their money back from taxes on savings – in fact, more than 25% of individuals polled said that they would be saving their money for a rainy day. Others planned on using their money as follows:

  • Paying bills
  • Paying back debts
  • Investing it
  • Treating themselves
  • Traveling
  • Donating it

However, there are many ways to turn your tax return into a long-term investment in yourself – starting with going back to school. Many benefits of using tax returns for school, all of which end with substantial gains for you and your loved ones.

The Benefits of Using Tax Return for School

There are many benefits to using tax returns for schools of all kinds and at any age. It is never too early or late to return to a college or a trade school to further your education. The average American gets between $2,000 to $4,000 as part of their tax refund, which gives you an excellent opportunity to invest in yourself and your future.

Helps With Changing Directions

If you are not pleased with where you currently are in life, especially career-wise, then school is a great way to reset yourself. Not only will you ideally come out of school, be in a college or a trade school, with a new set of skills, but you will also be making new connections with faculty members, teachers, and classroom peers. 

This is especially important, as networking is an important way to get better jobs. Former drivers run Truck Driver Institute and offer job placement as part of the classes, offering built-in networking opportunities.

Better Career Opportunities

The most obvious benefit of using a tax return for school is to change up your career. There are many benefits to changing your career, including a quick turnaround, a higher income, better long-term opportunities, and the ability to work for yourself eventually.

Quick Graduation Times

Using a tax return for school does not have to take up the next several years of your life. There are many types of schools where it can take less than a few months to start a new career- including truck driving! 

Truck Driver Institute takes you from no experience to graduation in less than a month. The 15-day intensive class is regularly updated by professionals, offering classroom instruction and hands-on training. Plus, more than half of our graduates leave with job offers since, at TDI, we are proud to work with our 20+ partners. 

A Higher Income

Going back to school is a chance to up your income. Generally, the more education you have, the more you make over time. These states are not only indicative of salary changes after attending traditional colleges but also of trade schools. Trade schools train individuals for particular jobs, typically offering certificates or licenses at the end that allow an individual to enter the workforce they have chosen directly. 

The average American with only a high school diploma earned an average salary of $30,000 in 2021. This is the fourth lowest since 1990, showing an alarming trend and a good reason to use your tax return for school. The average truck driver makes about $50,000 more than that.

If you use your tax return to go back to school, look for scholarships to maximize your use. TDI is proud to offer low tuition and financial aid to those in need through tuition reimbursements, grants, and other programs, making it easier than ever to get your CDL license.

Long-Term Career Opportunities

With a new career can come new career opportunities. When you use your tax return for school, you have more power over your career. This can include getting better benefits and more working options long term.

Work for Yourself

When you return to school after some time away, you gain the knowledge needed to work for yourself in various capacities. While working for yourself often means less security and longer hours, it also has been proven to significantly boost individual happiness as well as overall work satisfaction.

Many truck drivers begin by working for a company but eventually become owner-operators. Being an owner-operator comes with an even higher base salary and far more flexibility than working for a single company.

Personal Satisfaction

Last but certainly not least, a benefit of using tax return for school is the personal satisfaction of finishing something new. It has been shown that setting goals and meeting them builds self-confidence.

Whether you regret not completing further education or simply need a change, going back to school and starting a new career can give you a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. In addition, having a degree or certificate to look at can be a constant reminder of your personal achievements.

Learn More About the Benefits of Using Tax Return for School with TDI

When you return to school at TDI, you graduate with a diploma, a Commercial Driver’s License, and job opportunities with good pay and benefits like medical, dental, and more. TDI is there with your every step of the way, from learning how to read a map to your first on-road experience. 

Using your tax return for school is investing in your future and your loved ones. To learn more about how TDI can help, contact us today.

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