Team Truck Driving – Your New Adventure!

Team Truck Driving

If you’re an ’empty nester’ who has an itch to travel, then why not consider becoming a Team Driver with your significant other?

Truck driver pay is higher than in many other professions and features full benefits and bonuses. Plus, over the road trucking is the best way to see 48 states and Canada while earning a paycheck at the same time.It may take a bit to settle into your new lifestyle, but if you’re beyond ready for a career change, enjoy working and spending time together, or just aren’t ready to retire, becoming a team driver is well worth it.

One bonus of team truck driving is that teams are often assigned new trucks by their carriers after they have finished the required training period. Team drivers also enjoy other carrier amenities which might include a double-wide sleeper berth, a walk-in cab condominium complete with a TV, Wi-Fi and an APU (auxiliary power unit) that provides power and heats and cools the cab without having to leave the engine running.

If you and your partner pick team driving as your next career, you can customize your living space because, after all, it will be your home while on the road.

One couple quoted online that they took home $106,000 their first year as company drivers and the next year bought a truck to become owner/operators and doubled their income. Learn more about the income potential for team drivers.

Couples can also add a hazardous materials endorsement to their Class A CDL which allows them to haul loads that pay higher than standard freight.

We’ve trained many husband and wife teams at Truck Driver Institute and our campuses have walls full of scenic photos from all across the USA that were sent to us by former students.

If you and your partner are ready to start off on your own journey, contact Truck Driver Institute and let your new adventure begin!



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