Top Trucking Podcasts to Pass the Time

Trucking Podcasts are one of the many ways that truck drivers fill their time on the road. Like normal drivers, truckers use music, audiobooks, and podcasts to keep themselves entertained on the road. With the number of hours and miles covered by professional truckers, drivers can quickly get in a rut when it comes to finding new content to listen to. While podcasts are becoming more popular across the country, this is especially true for truck drivers who need to stay focused on the road.

If you need a little inspiration, we compiled a list of the top trucking podcasts to pass the time on the road!

Trucking Podcasts You Need to Subscribe to 

Talk CDL

Talk CDL, hosted by Troy and Ruthann, posts weekly on Sundays and focuses on providing entertainment for truckers. They tie in helpful and informative topics, such as trucking laws, surveys, and other industry news. TalkCDL also offers many community resources, such as parking or money-saving guides. Their episodes last anywhere from a half to a full hour, and they often will have truckers call in to give input on specific subjects. For truckers who are looking for a podcast to tune into weekly, Talk CDL is one of the best options you can find.

Trucking Answers Nation

Trucking Answers Nation focuses on providing value to dedicated truckers. Trucking Answers host Mark has been in the industry for three decades, and he has driven over 3.5 million miles himself. Through his deep experience of the industry, Mark covers trucking and automotive news for listeners, and he offers incredible benefits for listeners such as webinars, an eBook, and other helpful videos for seasoned and new truckers alike. With each episode lasting about a half-hour, Trucking Answers is a great addition to your weekly podcast rotation.

Trucking for Millennials

Trucking for millennials is a trucking podcast hosted by Michael and Aaron that discusses what’s happening in the industry while focusing on the next generation of trucking and logistics professionals. They cover a variety of viral news topics, and they routinely interview experts. For truckers, investors, or others looking to get into the trucking industry, Trucking for Millennials is a fast-paced podcast for young professionals.

The Trucking Podcast

The Trucking Podcast, hosted by father-son duo Buck and Don, is one of the most popular trucking podcasts. Between the two of them, they pull from decades of experience to bring listeners a lot of value about topics they believe will interest truckers. Though trucking news is discussed, Buck and Don make sure to broaden their chosen topics to include the automotive industry in general. As self-professed gearheads, Buck and Don have a knack for connecting with DIYers, mechanics, or people generally interested in anything with an engine. The Trucking Podcast is a great weekly listen for any trucker wanting a little entertainment relating to topics they love.

Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast

The Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast is hosted by John Farquhar and Chris Harris, two professionals with decades of combined experience. This is more of a niche podcast focused specifically on safety and insurance in the truck driving industry. Chris Harris is a safety professional who has worked in almost every position possible related to trucking safety. For those looking for a podcast that is a little more educational and routinely has other professionals on to comment on specific topics, the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast is a great option.


WHAT THE TRUCK?!? is a FreightWaves award-winning podcast hosted by industry professionals Tim and Chad. This entertaining and lively podcast focuses on all things freight, and each episode lasts almost an hour apiece. The podcast often continues to follow trucking news, so listening over the weeks will keep you updated on stories as they unfold as well. Whether that’s news, trends, or industry changes, What The Truck?!? will keep you entertained over the road and up to date on the industry.

Just Another Trucking Podcast

Just Another Trucking Podcast is far from just any trucking podcast. Hosts Chris and Tom release an episode every Monday and focus on all things trucking. Tom and Chris have an entertaining banter, which attracts many faithful listeners as you get to learn more about them and the industry. Residing in Europe, this podcast is one of the more unique listens on this list, since it brings in a global perspective. For truckers looking to diversify their favorite trucking podcasts, these hour-long episodes will keep you entertained and awaiting the next episode.

Big Rig Banter

Big Rig Banter is an podcast hosted by Troy and Lenay, which poses another unique option for truckers or those interested in the industry. Troy and Lenay, as opposed to the other hosts on this list, are not truckers themselves. As two journalists, they have an interesting and unique perspective on trucking news that will keep you informed and in the know. Troy and Lenay will often interview truckers on their podcast, which allows them to blend the expertise of professional journalism with the perspective of industry professionals. The result is an informative podcast composed of short interview-style episodes.

Interested in a New Career?

Listening to trucking podcasts is great for both truckers and those who are interested in starting a new career. Listening to many different trucking podcasts will give you a good sense of the industry and allow you to determine whether you think it would be a good fit for your interests.

The best thing about trucking is that it is so easy to make a career pivot into the industry. You do not need any prior experience, and you can study and pass the test for your CDL Class A in three weeks. If you’re wanting to switch things up and pursue a new career with great benefits, competitive pay, and a thriving community, trucking might be the right fit for you.

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