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With so many employees changing careers, many are wondering, “How can I start a new career with no experience today?” Career pivots are difficult, and the time it takes to change careers is often a deterrent from taking that leap. For many careers, it takes expensive certifications, a new degree, or a significant amount of time before you can begin making the income you need for yourself or your family. For those who think truck driving could be for them, driving professionally can be one of the best ways to start a new career with no experience today.

What Do Truck Drivers Do?

Truck driving may be a career that you can get into quickly, but would you actually like the work? Most truck drivers earn a living by transporting goods and materials across the land on vehicles that require a special license to operate. Shipping goods and materials across both long and short distances are still primarily done through trucks, which makes truck driving a current essential job for our economy.

There are three kinds of truck driving jobs that vary based on the distance traveled. First, local truck drivers move goods within a city or close to it. Local truck drivers typically drive the same routes, get to know similar roads, and work with the same dispatchers. Additionally, local drivers are able to sleep in their homes every night, which is a great advantage for those with families or friends they want to stay close to. 

Regional truck drivers usually drive around entire states or metropolitan areas. These drivers are still able to develop relationships with their dispatchers or other drivers, but they occasionally spend some time away from home. Regional drivers spend less time navigating specific areas and are often responsible for getting commerce to sites that local drivers then disperse. Because of this, regional truck drivers often do not have to navigate small roads or neighborhoods as local truck drivers might.

Over the road (OTR) drivers drive cross country. OTR routes can be anywhere, and they are controlled by where shipments need to go. These drivers spend a lot of time away from home, and they often sleep in a special compartment in their truck. Though OTR isn’t for every driver, it is rewarding, lucrative, and allows you to travel across the country and sometimes outside of it to deliver shipments. Which distance is right for you is dependent on your life stage, commitments, and preferences.

What Experience Do I Need?

Truck driving is one of the best career pivots because you can start a new career with no experience today. All you need is a CDL Class A license, and you’ll have what it takes to begin your trucking career. Being successful in the long run requires you to develop more specific skills and character traits. The top skills for truck drivers include more than just good drivings skills. You need to be a good communicator, understand basic maintenance, and prioritize safety. Luckily, these are all things you’ll be able to begin learning during training and on the job.

Though it isn’t true for all, truck drivers tend to have specific personality traits as well. Truckers need to be dynamic, persistent, and self-starters who can work independently and get the job done. When you’re driving a truck, you are usually on your own. That requires you to be a good problem solver who doesn’t need any oversight to get the job done.

How Long Does It Take To Get My CDL Class A?

You can obtain your CDL Class A in as little as three weeks! When you enroll at a truck driving school, like the Truck Driver Institute, you’ll be able to take classes with almost no upfront cost, learn how to drive a truck, and qualify for your license in-house with our experienced professionals. Working Monday through Friday, you’ll be ready to pass your exam in three weeks, which is just fifteen days of learning! That is why truck driving is becoming such a popular career to pivot toward. It pays well, is easy to switch to, and provides the flexibility many people are seeking right now.

How Quick Can You Get Hired?

When you obtain your CDL Class A license through the Truck Driver Institute, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our 86% job placement success rate. Because of the demand for truck drivers right now, jobs are plentiful, and drivers are reaping the benefits from that at the moment. There is no shortage of work to be done, and you can be hired quickly after obtaining your CDL Class A license.

What Does Future Job Growth Look Like?

The future of truck driving and the current demand has been a hot topic since the start of COVID-19. There is a strong demand for drivers due to the truck driver shortage, and there doesn’t seem to be any waning in the need for truck drivers. The future of shipping slightly change, but there aren’t any immediate major shipping developments that would be worrisome for the industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims the job growth for truck drivers will increase 6% over the next decade. Though that is about as fast as average, there is a decreasing number of truck drivers available, which means professionals who are willing to work as truck drivers will benefit from a hungry labor market.

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It’s as good of a time as any to obtain your CDL Class A and start a new career with no experience today! In as little as three weeks, you can obtain your CDL Class A, get hired quickly, and start your new career in a lucrative market. The Truck Driver Institute has locations all over the southeast, so you can find a school close to you.

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