What are Ways to Show Driver Appreciation

As the business year continues and another busy season begins, drivers everywhere continue their hard work–and employers, coworkers, and consumers alike struggle to find ways to show their appreciation. What do you get someone who’s almost always on the move and can’t bring all of their belongings with them? What do you get someone who’s busy, busy, busy? Below you’ll find a list of different suggestions on ways to show driver appreciation year-round, even as the holidays wind down. 

Say the Magic Words 

One of the easiest ways to show driver appreciation is simply by saying the magic words: please, and thank you. From the top of the food chain as a CEO to a one-on-one basis as a fellow driver, hearing those magic words of “thank you for all you do” goes a long way. Hearing these appreciative words is great on the daily, but having a personalized card sent is even better. Getting a card from management with the driver and driver’s family names handwritten is a great way to acknowledge everything drivers do for individuals and the company. 

Other great ways to show driver appreciation are by publicly acknowledging appreciation for drivers on social media, for example. Not only will acknowledging your current drivers’ hard work be a welcome sight (and read), but it will also show consumers and potential future drivers the kind of company you are and aim to be every day. A little encouragement goes a long way and saying the magic words of “thank you” is just the first step to showing your appreciation for drivers everywhere. 

Public Acknowledgement

While acknowledging your appreciation for drivers publicly on social media is quick, easy, and beneficial for all, a couple of other fantastic ways to show driver appreciation is by planning annual appreciation events, like an annual awards ceremony or an annual appreciation week. An awards ceremony is an entertaining way to show how much you value your drivers not only to them–but to all who are involved in truck driving–from fellow drivers, to dispatch, to the truck driver’s families. Meanwhile, you can create the usual, slightly more serious categories of: “Best Driver Award,” “Most Organized Cab,” and “Most Trips,” you can also get creative and come up with funny categories like “Truck Driver DJ Award,” “Most Soothing Dispatcher Award,” or “Craziest Road-trip Story Award.” Feel free to get jiggy with it. These are meant to be appreciative and silly! 

To boot, the yearly National Truck Driver Appreciation Week occurs in September of each year, as fresh starts and new trips begin. This week would be a great time to host a truck driver award ceremony to celebrate the slowly ending year and acknowledge and give thanks for all the work that’s gone into the year already. 

Useful Gifts

If you have more time to plan (and more money to spend), another way to show driver appreciation is by sending gifts to the driver(s) in your life. While bonuses are a simple and easy way to show you care, personalized and thoughtful gifts are much more meaningful. Truck driving can be a stressful job–both physically and mentally–so a great way to help drivers is by giving them gifts to make their trips easier, safer, and more enjoyable. While many truck drivers may already have the basic necessities from their employers (like truck driving emergency kits, clothing with logos, etc.), here are some great gift options:

  • Some sick shades to keep their eyes from straining too hard and to keep them looking stylish as possible
  • Seat cushions–driving for long hours on end will make anyone’s back and bottom ache from lack of movement.
  • Compression socks are a great idea to keep the blood flowing and prevent uncomfortable sensations as truck drivers sit for extended periods of time
  • Cozy bed supplies: gifting truck drivers a comfortable mattress topper, extra cushioned pillows, or soft sheets will make their nighttime cab routine that much more enjoyable
  • Portable reading lights–so they can read and relax in the comfort of their cab without having to keep all their lights on and risk being disturbed by passersby knowing they’re there
  • Portable safes for their valuables to keep in their cab
  • Seat and dash organizers will help keep their cab and mind organized and stress-free–so they can reach for things easily without having to stray their attention from the road ahead.
  • Portable kitchen supplies: insulated cups, lunch boxes, mini-fridges, and slow cookers will let truck drivers on the go have delicious home-cooked and fresh meals even when they’re unable to be at home with their family
  • Subscriptions are a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving! Audible for audiobooks, XM radio subscriptions, and more will keep the driver in your life entertained throughout the year
  • And for laughs: a wine and whiskey decanter in the shape of a truck–so truck drivers can relax after a long trip and keep the good truck driving memories going!

Lunch is On Us!

When drivers aren’t on the road, you can still show your appreciation. Hosting or providing them the chance for a free meal–whether taking them out or giving them a gift card–is a thoughtful way to let them know you care about them and all they’ve done. By showing your appreciation through food, you not only show how much you care, but you provide some much-needed physical care for the driver(s) in your life. Food is the way to the heart, after all.

Driver Appreciation Night

One of the other fun ways to show driver appreciation is along a similar vein to giving them lunch on you. Instead, though, plan a driver appreciation night for drivers and their families! By planning an entire night about showing you care and value the people and work that they do, everyone becomes just a little bit more joyful. After all, who doesn’t love a fun night out? Driver appreciation night can look different, depending on what you’re looking for. You can:

  • Plan a carnival with games and prizes (potentially useful and fun prizes for the drivers themselves?) 
  • Host a catered dinner for drivers and their families, a themed movie night. Perhaps Speed Racer, or Cars? Although maybe not Spielberg’s Duel
  • Plan a spa night for drivers to sit back and relax

Among many ideas. There are so many options to choose from, why choose just one? 

Looking to Show Your Appreciation?

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