What the Best Truck Driving Schools in Indianapolis Offer

Are you looking for the best truck driving schools in Indianapolis? Look no further than Truck Driver Institute. If you are looking to explore a new, rewarding career path, TDI can help set you up for success with our reputable CDL training program. Passing your CDL exam has never been easier with our seasoned and experienced truck driving professionals. Truck Driver Institute is committed to providing students with the best education in the industry, and it shows in our impressive track record. If you’re looking for the best truck driving schools in Indianapolis, TDI is your answer.

What Makes TDI the Best Truck Driving Schools in Indianapolis?

Did you know that Indiana is the natural headquarters for the transportation industry? It is the shortest distance to the U.S. population’s median center. Our Indianapolis CDL training school location is now on an 18-acre training facility with larger classrooms and modern technology, equipped to certify a greater number of students than ever before. 

When searching for the best CDL training program, it’s important to consider three factors: 1) education quality, 2) affordability, and 3) post-graduation prospects. 

Top-Notch Education

3 weeks is how quickly you can attain your CDL at Truck Driver Institute. We offer Class A and Class B CDL training that can be completed in just 15 days. For the last 47 years, Truck Driver Institute has been the leading CDL training program, transforming thousands upon thousands of students into successful commercial truck drivers. Amongst the most sought-after training programs in the country, we’ve streamlined our instruction methods to help you retain the necessary information to ace your CDL exam. From semi-trucks to livestock carriers, TDI graduates never have to worry about being unprepared. 

At TDI, training includes classroom instruction, hands-on training at our off-road driving range, and professional driving instruction from our experienced team members. A  Class A CDL allows you to drive any vehicle combination that exceeds that weight minimum of 26,001 pounds, or a truck with a trailer of 10,001 or more pounds. A Class B CDL is the second most popular CDL to obtain at TDI, and with it, you’ll be able to transport freight that weighs less than 10,000 pounds GVWR with a single axle trailer. 


At TDI, we cut down the average trucking school cost from $8,000 to as little as $225. We make financial aid options accessible by taking your individual needs into consideration. With the nationwide shortage of Class A CDL drivers, many trucking companies will cover part or all of the cost of your CDL training. 

Beyond tuition reimbursement from our carriers, there are several grants and scholarships that lower the cost of training. Additionally, TDI honors our veterans by participating in many GI Bill programs that cover the cost of license tests, tuition costs, and associated stipends. No matter where you are coming from, TDI makes sure you can enter the workforce with ease.

Job Placement

The best truck driving schools in Indianapolis will have your back when it comes to job placement. We work routinely with more than 20 carriers, each of them knowing that TDI produces are well-trained and high-quality truck drivers. Our team connects students with future employers through our job placement assistance. Our CDL training program has a graduate placement rate of over 86%, and some drivers may even get a job offer before graduation. 

The Benefits of Getting Your CDL at TDI

What makes TDI top the list of the best truck driving schools in Indianapolis? We know that our students have the potential to become top-of-the-line truck drivers, and we take pride in being the jumping pad toward a secure, flexible, and versatile career. 

Job Security

Indiana’s transportation industry is actively seeking drivers. According to the American Trucking Association, 80,000 truck drivers are needed to meet the nation’s supply chain shortage. Truck drivers are the people we rely on to get our goods—without their hard work, we wouldn’t be able to survive. Currently, many older truck drivers in the industry are retiring, which is also contributing to the national truck driver shortage. A new generation of truck drivers is needed, and Truck Driver Institute is the place to get trained. 

Financial Stability

Given that the trucking industry is always in demand for new drivers, you won’t have to worry about instability anytime soon. The average starting salary for truck drivers can go up to $78,000 per year. As you get more experience and clock in more miles on the road, your yearly pay will only increase. The longer you drive the more benefits you receive and the more you can earn! 

Job Versatility 

Once you get your CDL, you don’t have to constrain yourself to just truck driving. There are plenty of other adjacent careers that are possible with some truck driving experience. Some truck driving careers that can take you off the road include: 

  • Truck driver dispatcher
  • Truck driver recruiter
  • Owner-operator truck driver
  • Private fleet owner
  • Truck Driver instructor
  • Mechanic
  • Delivery driver

To read more about other trucking careers, read our blog. Whatever it is your heart desires, there is a trucking career out there for you. As you become familiar with the industry, you’ll come to know what skills you are best at or like the most. Do you have a knack for organization? Are you interested in being your own boss or managing a team of drivers? Chances are, there is a position out there for you that will benefit from your experience and knowledge.

Get Your CDL at the Best Truck Driving School Indianapolis Has to Offer

TDI has 11 locations across the country, so if you’re not near Indianapolis, it’s not a problem. If you’ve been thinking about switching career paths, this is your sign to make the first move. Our staff are caring and supportive and will be by your side from initial course enrollment to graduation and job placement. To get started, fill out this form or give us a call at 800-848-7364. We look forward to working with you at the best truck-driving schools Indianapolis has to offer!

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