Why Truck Driving Is One of the Best Jobs for Retirees

Best Jobs for Retirees

Studies show that we’re living longer than we ever have before. In fact, the global average lifespan increased by 5.5 years between 2000 and 2016, which is the biggest uptick since the 1960s. People say that 65 is the new 45, and with the way things are going, they might actually be right. In light of all this, many seniors are looking for jobs to bridge the gap between their careers and their retirement. There are many reasons why that’s a great idea, and if you’re a senior who’s considering a second career, this blog post explains why truck driving is one of the best jobs for retirees.


Why Is Truck Driving One of the Best Jobs for Retirees?

Although it may seem counterintuitive to start a second career at the end of your first one, there are many benefits that senior truck drivers enjoy.


Retirement Means More Bills

Unfortunately, retirement doesn’t lower the cost of living. Many retirees make less each month than they did in their careers, and social security can only take you so far. When you pair the routine bills with unexpected expenses for healthcare, emergencies, and family costs, life after retirement can become difficult. That’s why some retirees quickly find they aren’t as prepared for the cost of life as they thought they would be.

Truck driving is a great way to continue making a consistent income and comfortably take care of those expenses. The truck driving industry has one of the highest starting incomes in the country, with new drivers making a national average of around $60,000 per year. Better yet, that number quickly rises the longer you drive. After a few years, you could expect to make upwards of $70,000 per year.

That kind of money allows you to not only put off dipping into your retirement fund, but to add to it. With your truck driver’s salary alongside your new social security benefits, your life after retirement could be more worry-free and comfortable than you thought it ever could be.

Additionally, the start-up cost of truck driving is low. Through truck driving schools like TDI, you can receive substantial financial aid, scholarships, and other bonuses that lower the price of your training. For example, you can get your CDL (commercial driver’s license) with TDI for as little as $225 out-of-pocket.


Truck Driving Companies Offer Full Benefits

Another reason why truck driving is one of the best jobs for retirees is the benefits. The top truck driving companies offer not only some of the best starting salaries in the nation, but incredible benefits as well. These benefits include:

  • Full medical, dental, and life insurance. Having good insurance is extremely important for retirees. Being covered saves you money and offers you an unparalleled peace of mind.
  • Frequent PTO and holiday pay means you can spend valuable home time with friends and family. This helps keep your work and personal lives separate.
  • A 401k retirement plan allows you to sit back and continue building on what you already have, helping you make the most of your life after truck driving.

These are only 3 of the benefits new truck drivers commonly receive. Depending on how you choose to get your CDL, whether or not you have military experience, and the company you choose to drive for, other benefits could include discounted or paid training, a full training reimbursement, advanced pay programs, and much, much more.


The Best Jobs for Retirees Allow You to Travel

Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. It’s important to stay active in retirement, and many seniors have found that truck driving is the perfect way to do just that. Truck drivers enjoy a structure and purpose that many seniors, unfortunately, lack after retirement.

The essence of truck driving is movement and activity—the opposite of stagnation. It gives you the opportunity to drive across the country and see the places you may not have gotten the chance to see otherwise.

Many retirees see the true appeal in the freedom that truck driving brings. With truck driving, you have the chance to make your own schedule, work as much as you want to, and live life on the open road. Plus, you get paid to do it!

Worried about spending too much time from home? Many truck driving companies allow partner driving, which means you can take a friend or loved one along with you. Better yet, if both you and your companion have CDLs, you can take shifts driving and increase the amount of money you bring in.


Truck Driving Gives You the Opportunity to Start Your Own Business After Retirement

If you’re looking for the best jobs for retirees, why not create your own?

Although it’s not the most common route, some people invest their own money into buying or leasing a truck and becoming owner operators. Owner operators run their own trucking businesses with the backing of an already established and stable trucking company.

You can take on as much work as you want to—whether it be operating your own truck to managing 10 others.

Several retirees have dipped into their retirement savings to start their own business as owner operators and have seen great returns. For example, with Schneider, owner operators can expect to make up to $175,000 per year along with other special perks that come with the job.

Although each carrier is different, owner operators always make more than standard career drivers.


Getting Started with the Best Jobs for Retirees

At Truck Driver Institute, we truly believe that truck driving is one of the best jobs for retirees, and TDI is the perfect place to start your truck driving journey.

At TDI, you can get your CDL in just 3 weeks and for as little as $225. We also offer the best job placement program in the industry with a success rate of over 86%.

If you’re considering driving trucks after retirement, contact us today to learn more about how we can get you in the driver’s seat.

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