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If you’re looking for a truck driving school in Elkhart, Indiana, welcome to Truck Driver Institute (TDI)! We have a long history of doing business in northern Indiana, and we’re firmly entrenched in the trucking community. With over 45 years in the region and a training facility that spans over 18 acres, get your new career started with TDI today.


TDI offers you the most complete professional driving course catalog in Elkhart, Indiana. At TDI, you can earn a Class A CDL, Class B CDL, or any other commercial driver’s license or certification.


Elkhart, Indiana, is uniquely placed within the United States as a truck driving school location. Not only does being in Indiana allow for ample space for new drivers to get hands-on practice on the road–and not just hypotheticals and theories of truck driving–but it is also located near one of the largest transportation depots in the United States: Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, and the Midwest in general, are essential stops in the transportation industry. Settled right in the middle, these midwestern cities and states allow truck drivers, pilots, and train conductors alike to stop and reload their freight, top up on gas and other necessary mechanical needs, and drop off freight if needed. TDI’s Elkhart, Indiana location allows students to get up close and personal to this hot transportation zone–including possible employment after graduation!

The Nation Needs CDL Drivers Today!

With over 30,000 CDL driving positions available in the United States, the demand for professional drivers has never been greater. That’s why the best carriers and transport companies in the country are hiring CDL drivers left-and-right, no matter what background, education, or history they have. At TDI, we train the best no matter your background, too. We make the best truck drivers from the most dedicated students. 


Truck Drivers will always be needed to keep the economy and transportation industry going. Those 30,000 truck driving positions won’t just disappear overnight, after all. Truck drivers move 71% of US goods nationwide in the United States economy. This means that over half of the goods we use–think about every item on the shelf at your local supermarket or drugstore–were transported via truck driver. Yet the truck driver shortage means that those truck drivers currently working are becoming more and more valuable–a perfect time for new truck drivers to enter the truck driving industry! 

With that kind of demand, you could jump into a well-paid career with benefits in as little as three weeks. And with the help of the Truck Driver Institute, you will!

Why Choose TDI?

TDI has been CDL learner’s first choice since 1973 because of our commitment to creating opportunities for our students. Since then, the list of reasons why you should choose TDI has only grown. Here’s three reasons why we’re the best truck driving school in Elkhart, Indiana.

Firstly, TDI is extremely affordable. TDI offers some of the most generous grants, scholarships, discounts, and financial aid in the country. You never know until you qualify, but you could enroll at TDI for as little as $225. It’s also an excellent option for students who already live in Indiana–no need to board when you live nearby. However, if you don’t live in Elkhart, Indiana, or the surrounding areas, we offer boarding for those students. 

Secondly, TDI’s job placement program boasts an over 80% success rate. Over the decades, we’ve made great partnerships with the country’s most esteemed carriers and transportation companies–all so our students can have the best available once they graduate. Because they know our instruction is among the best in the nation, and because the need for drivers is through the roof, they continuously hire TDI grads. Amazingly, some students even receive job offers before they walk out of our doors! We’re committed to ensuring our students have the brightest futures. Even if you don’t get matched with an employer immediately, we’ll continue working with you to ensure you do. 

As an incentive for qualified drivers to join the workforce, many of these carriers also offer tuition reimbursement to TDI grads. That’s right—your next employer could potentially pay you back for your training. Free education and a paycheck? Sounds like a deal! 

Moreover, even if you leave the employer you’re matched with or realize it is not the best fit for you, TDI will help find you a new perfect match. We continue to offer this service to all TDI program graduates and alums. 

Third and lastly, TDI’s program is quick and comprehensive. Not a fan of classrooms? Not to worry. As a TDI student, you spend just as much time behind the wheel as you do behind a desk. We believe it’s important for learners to get behind the wheel as much as possible, so they love to drive the equipment they’ll be using in their new careers. You’ll also have access to our top-notch instructors at this time, so any questions about the vehicle or how to complete a move on the road will be answered promptly and with the utmost experience behind the answer. 

TDI students log their driving hours on our 18+ acre private driving course. This way, you leave our CDL program with the confidence and skills required to get hired fast. You will be an experienced truck driver right out of school!

Our South Bend Truck Driving School Near Elkhart

Looking for a truck driving school in Elkhart, Indiana? Look no further. TDI’s South Bend campus is located right by the South Bend bypass immediately off SR-23 making us the closest truck driving school to Elkhart in northern Indiana–and one of the most immediate truck driving schools to one of the largest transportation hubs in the US.

Don’t Live In the South Bend Area?

Whether you live in Gary, South Bend, Elkhart, or Fort Wayne, TDI’s truck driving schools are always nearby, and we also offer lodging for out of town students. We will ensure you’re set up for success, including ensuring you’re comfortable while learning. 


Those are just a few reasons why people from all over Indiana and even out-of-state flock to our Indiana truck driving schools. To learn more about what we can do for you, check out our CDL course offerings here.

Ready to begin the next chapter at our truck driving school in Elkhart, Indiana? Contact us online or call us (800) 848-7364 today!


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