Where Can I Find a Truck Driver Mechanic Job

Truck driving careers aren’t only reserved for those who drive across the country transporting goods. Truck driving involves many different jobs, including the truck drivers themselves, dispatchers, and that of a truck driver mechanic. Truck driver mechanics are vital to the smooth running of the truck driving industry in their care for the actual machines that help keep the US economy running. After all, without mechanics, who would take care of the machinery that makes this industry possible? 

Putting air in a truck tire

Truck drivers themselves already have to care for the bed of their trucks plus the cargo they’re responsible for, so delegating the ins and outs of engines to truck driver mechanics ensures everyone can stay focused–and creates more jobs. Below you’ll find out all you need to know about what truck driver mechanics do, and where you can find potential truck driver mechanic jobs!

What is a Truck Driver Mechanic and What Do They Do?

Truck driver mechanics, also known as diesel service technicians, work on large vehicles that are used for truck driving. While the truck driving industry makes up the largest portion of employers for truck drivers, they’re not limited to the typical trucks used for long-distance hauling. Truck driver mechanics can also work on tractor-trailers and busses, making them a vital employees to have in any vehicle-driven field. Because of the near-constant use of trucks and truck driving, truck driver mechanics keep this growing industry going. Since 2010, the trucking industry has grown from $4.9 trillion to over $6.9 trillion–and has yet to stop increasing in value. Much of the US economy is based in truck driving–which means truck driver mechanics are more important than ever!

Truck driver mechanics maintain the vehicles they’re responsible for, which includes diagnosing any issues pertaining to the vehicle, fine-tuning the engine to make sure it’s working its best and checking on any other electrical components of the vehicle. Without the expertise of truck driver mechanics, truck drivers would not have the assurance they need to drive safely and haul goods across the country. While truck drivers are able to complete some checks by themselves, truck driver mechanics do the bulk of the work and provide extra safety precautions so everyone can do their job safely, effectively, and successfully. Some issues truck driver mechanics addresses include: 

  • Engine trouble,
  • Break lines,
  • Gas leaks, 
  • Preventative maintenance,
  • And more!

Requirements for being a Truck Driver Mechanic

Training to become a truck driver mechanic takes some education and training–but the rewards are worth all that you put into it. Just like any mechanic, truck driver mechanics/diesel service technicians need to have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent and become certified through classes and hands-on training. These trainings are available at local community colleges–which means they’ll be easier to finance because of the accessibility of community colleges–programs aimed solely at diesel technical training, and through apprenticeships. If you decide to begin training, be sure to check that your local program has a lab or garage for training, so you can get hands-on practice. Training times can range from 12 weeks to 45 weeks, depending on the institution. During training, diesel technicians will learn the ins and outs of taking care of trucks, tractor-trailers, and bus engines. Some of the subjects taught will include:

  • Fundamentals of engine repair
  • The differences between refrigerants and oils
  • Hydraulic theory
  • Air-supply system fundamentals
  • Types of breaks
  • Principles of diesel transmission
  • Diesel truck steering systems 
  • How to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections
  • And much more!

With this specific training, you’ll be able to fill employment gaps in the mechanical industry AND in the trucking industry. Truck driver mechanic positions are great for military service members, too, as much of the experience needed to work on vehicles such as these may be similar to those of military vehicles. 

Truck driver mechanics have a straightforward path to actually starting the job, and the benefits begin almost immediately. Like truck drivers, truck driver mechanics have options for flexible hours depending on where they choose to work. You can always choose the typical nine-to-five hours, but truck driver mechanics aren’t limited to these regular hours. Because truck driving isn’t just nine to five Monday through Friday, neither is the mechanical component–those working to keep the trucks running smoothly.

Where You Can Find Truck Driver Mechanic Jobs

Now that you know what a truck driver mechanic is and the requirements needed to become one, below you’ll find suggested options on where you can find job openings. Places like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Linkedin are great for individual job placements–but what if you want to find the area with the most opportunity? Your state may not have as many opportunities as you’d wish, but online job finders make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

As of May 2021, the states with the highest employment of truck driver mechanics, in order, are:

  1. Texas 
  2. California 
  3. New York
  4. Florida
  5. Ohio

Each of these states are part of the highest contributing exporters in the United States, both intrastate trade and internationally. Moreover, the expansiveness of these states’ size adds to the need for more truck drivers–and thus more truck driver mechanics–simply in order to maintain the demand for goods. Texas alone is 171,902,080 acres–in comparison to the smallest American state: Rhode Island at 776,900 acres. That’s more than 200 times the size! 

But online job finders aren’t the only place to search for currently available diesel technician jobs; going directly to the websites of reputable trucking companies, such as Amazon, Old Dominion Freight Line, Knight-Swift Transportation, and American Trucking Company among others is a fast an easy way to see what;s out there right at that moment from the employers themselves. 

Looking to Become a Truck Driver Mechanic?

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