Where Can I Find Jobs with Flexible Hours Near Me

Have you recently wondered, ‘Where can I find jobs with flexible hours near me?’ Well, don’t worry because you are not alone. More Americans are looking at new, exciting careers every day. 

Around 70% of Americans are looking to change jobs. Many workers have decided to embrace new careers where flexibility is built-in and not just an occasional perk.

Where Can I Find Jobs with Flexible Hours Near Me? and Other Questions Answered

While it was once expected that workers would start a job and stay in it for many years, workers today can move jobs or change their entire careers with more ease than ever before. Workers everywhere have been looking up “jobs with flexible hours,” and for good reasons.

Jobs with flexible hours have shown to make workers happier and create higher quality work. When you begin looking for jobs with flexible hours, there are many things to consider about what flexible means and other new job questions. Work flexibility can include the ability to control one’s schedule and where one works, depending on the nature of the job.

Do you want an on-again/off-again schedule?

Flexibility does not always mean working exactly when you want. One type of job flexibility is working consistently for several days a week and then taking several days off. With truck driving, it depends on the kind of work you do. Some CDL license holders can expect to be gone for a few weeks at a time. Others promise to be home each weekend. 

As a general rule, truck drivers can choose their hours and work outside the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. While truck drivers are usually told by their companies exactly where they have to drive to, their jobs allow them to stop wherever they want – allowing them to explore new places all the time.

Do you want to be your own boss?

Many truck drivers start at companies but can go on to be owner-operators. An owner-operator still transports and deals with goods, but instead of working for a boss, they get to be their own bosses. Owner-operators make a higher salary and more control over what projects they say yes to.

Do you want the flexibility to change careers quickly?

When you decide to change careers, it can end up taking a lot of time. Some high flexibility jobs have more workers than they do positions open or require several years of school to change into. 

However, other high-flexibility jobs are taking workers right now, and only takes two weeks to switch to those careers. Yes, we’re talking about truck driving.

Why Truck Driving Could Be The Career For You

Driving a truck is a great way to go from googling “where can I find jobs with flexible hours near me” to “where do I want to stop next”. Truck driving offers flexible hours and many other job perks that will allow you to enjoy that newfound flexibility.

It’s In High Demand

You may be looking up “jobs with flexible hours near me” and only finding positions that either don’t pay enough or don’t have enough hours to actually let you enjoy that job flexibility. 

However, due to an aging workforce and skyrocketing high need, truck driving is currently one of the most in-demand careers that not only offers a coveted salary but also job flexibility.

The average truck driver makes a little more than $70K a year, and those with more years of experience are likely to hit between $80k – $100k a year. Meanwhile, studies have shown that those happiest in their work and most comfortable with their expenses make around $75k a year. With that kind of salary, this means while you’re not on the road, you can actually enjoy your time off.

Job Benefits

Because the job is in such high demand, they want to get individuals in the field quickly – and keep them there. That high-demand work means many different non-salary benefits are also available to workers. Some perks and benefits that may be offered to regularly salaried truckers may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Health care
  • Dental Care
  • Vision care
  • 401k
  • Retirement Planning
  • Referral bonuses
  • Sick leave
  • Paid Time Off
  • And more

Naturally, any job which is frequently in high demand also comes with another perk: job security. Once you have your CDL license and can show that you are a reputable employee, you can stay in the career without fear of layoffs or being forced out.

Offers Flexibility

As we mentioned, being a truck driver has a high amount of flexibility. If you choose to become an owner-operator, you make your own schedule completely. But even those that work for a company have a higher than usual amount of schedule control that is not available in other careers. 

Because the position is so in-demand, many truckers have their choice of companies – whether that means driving locally and being home each weekend or across the country with several weeks on and several weeks off at a time.


Whether you are an owner-operator or an employee for a company, being a truck driver is great for those who do not want to be micro-managed and value their independence on the job. Employers may tell you when and where to make a drop-off or pick-up, but the rest is up to you.

Easy to Start Today

Getting started as a truck driver is simple. You can become certified with a class A CDL in just two weeks, and many academies – including TDI – will help you get a job the day after graduation. In fact, 80%of TDI students get a job right away at companies such as FedEx, Werner, and more. 

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