How to Get Truck Driver Health Insurance Coverage

Are you a new truck driver, or looking to find new truck driver health insurance coverage? Searching for a low-cost coverage plan can be daunting when you don’t know the options out there. But look no further than this coverage explanation below!

What is Truck Driver Health Insurance Coverage?

Truck driver health insurance differs from other coverage plans in that truck drivers essentially need health insurance and travel insurance all in one. Like others who travel regularly for work, truck drivers need both flexibility and (like everyone!) something that isn’t too expensive. 

Truck drivers are more at risk of hazards and inconsistency than those who aren’t on the road as much, such as on icy roads or needing medical attention out of their home state. However, there are many options available to truck drivers that may cover whatever your situation requires. 

Individual & Family Plans

Individual and family health plans are coverage plans for those who don’t qualify for health insurance through their employers, or for those who don’t qualify for government Medicaid or Medicare plans. Although you may not qualify for government programs like Medicaid or Medicare, individual and family plans are compliant plans with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ACA-compliant plans don’t have annual or lifetime coverage maximums and cover the ten essential health benefits, which include services such as outpatient and emergency services, prescription drugs, and preventive services. 

 Both the government and brokers supply individual and family plans–the choice is up to you. The open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act-compliant plans usually occurs between November 1st and December 15th for coverage starting January 1st. Depending on your income, too, you may be able to receive a subsidy to help pay for monthly health insurance premiums. 

Keep in mind that as truck drivers travel between states some coverage plans may be dependent on where you live, and may not offer coverage in other states. Be sure to choose a plan that allows you to use it across state lines, or specific areas if you travel the same route each time. 

Individual plans may be the choice for you if you live and drive solo, but family plans are always an option if you and your family need health insurance. Some truck driving companies are family- friendly, and even allow you to bring your family with you on trips. This would necessitate health insurance not only for you but for each member of your family as well.  

Medicaid/CHIP for Truck Driver Health Insurance Coverage

While there are Affordable Care Act-compliant plans available, you may qualify for government-sponsored programs Medicaid, depending on your income. To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet a certain income maximum. Another option available is CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). If your income passes the maximum set to qualify for Medicaid, CHIP may be a good option to provide health insurance for any children you may have. 

Like most health plans, however, coverage ranges depending on which state you live in, so be sure to check out what your state requirements are for CHIP, and what benefits your truck driving company offers before signing up for other programs–you may have a truck driving health insurance coverage plan already and not even know it! 

Short-term Truck Driver Health Insurance Coverage Plan

If an individual or family plans aren’t for you, short-term health insurance is a great option. Maybe you don’t want to commit to a full year-long (or longer) plan, find the health insurance plans on offer too expensive, or typically use employer-offered health insurance and are between jobs at the moment. No matter the reason, short-term health insurance plans offer affordable coverage for a shorter period of time. 

However, unlike individual and family health insurance coverage plans, short-term health insurance plans don’t offer the same breadth of coverage as Affordable Care Act-compliant plans. Moreover, because these plans are shorter and less comprehensive, they may not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. Despite the perks of truck driving, it can be a physically taxing job as truck drivers sit for hours on end in the same position with total concentration on the road. It can be physically and mentally exhausting, which is why you need a plan that will cover the right needs and conditions that arise. Be sure to check that your truck driver’s health insurance coverage plan covers relevant medical conditions, so you’ll be in tip-top shape for the road without having to worry about whether your health insurance will cover you or not. 

Government-Compliant Medshare Plan

Medsharing may be the plan for you if none of the other options mentioned sparked your interest or seem like the right fit. While medshare plans are similar to traditional health insurance plans, they differ in these ways:

  • Medshare plans cover preventative care, doctor’s appointments, prescription discounts, and more. 
  • Medshare plans include your Members Shared Responsibility Account. 
  • Medshare plans provide low monthly premiums based on your age bracket
  • You can usually sign up for medshare plans year-round. 
  • Medshare plans are government-compliant but not associated with the government, which means you still qualify for the exemption from the tax penalty. 
  • Your monthly payments go towards helping other members of medshare plans. 
  • As a nonprofit organization, medshare plans have better leverage when negotiating your bills because of the extra cash flow and nonprofit tax benefits. 
  • Your claims are paid through an escrow account.

But where does your money go? And what is an escrow account? Escrows are contractual agreements between a third party and a primary party, in which the third party receives and doles out money or property on behalf of the primary party with certain conditions. You’ve probably heard of escrow when buying a home or mortgage, where part of the money you pay towards your home loan is used to cover expenses of home ownership. 

In this case, an escrow account for medshare plans would mean a third party disburses money for your health insurance plan. Essentially, medshare plans are simplified insurance coverage plans that take your and other’s monthly insurance payments and put it back into any medical costs you may need. 

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