Jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana: How to Get Started on Your Career

Trucking is on the rise all over the country, and there are plenty of trucking jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana to be had.

America runs on commerce, and the proof is in the numbers. According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), trucking industry revenue rose by almost $100 billion in 2018, bringing the total revenue just before 2019 to a total of $796.7 billion. A growth of $96.7 billion in just one year is unheard of. To put that into perspective, Ecuador has a GDP of about $100 billion, and $100 billion is greater than the GDP of the 127 countries below that!

Jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana

You’re probably well-aware that getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and starting a truck driving career is a great investment in your future. After all, truck drivers have some of the best benefits and starting salaries in the nation. To help you get started, this article explores the truck driving jobs in Sellersburg and how you can get started on your new career.

Truck Driving and Transportation Jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana

According to Indeed, there are more than 1,000 jobs in and around Sellersburg that require a CDL. Many of the available CDL jobs do involve over-the-road truck driving and other regional hauling jobs. However, the more you search, the more you’ll find there are plenty of other types of jobs that you can get with a CDL.

For example, having a CDL will help you get jobs like:

  • Driving a regional or transit passenger bus
  • Truck driving instructor
  • Maintaining and working on big trucks
  • Delivery driving
  • Dispatching
  • … and more

As you can see, getting your CDL opens more doors than your standard long-distance truck driving jobs. All you need to do is find the job that suits your interests!

Our Carrier Partners Are Hiring in Sellersburg

We’ve been training America’s truck drivers since 1973, and over the course of our years in the industry, we’ve become close with several of the country’s most prominent carriers. They routinely hire our graduates because they know they’re qualified to drive with the best.

A handful of our 20+ carrier partners have openings for jobs in Sellersburg. They are:

  • Werner
  • H.O. Wolding
  • Schneider
  • U.S. Xpress
  • Stevens Transport
  • TransAm
  • Amazon
  • FedEx
  • Averitt

Our carrier partners offer the industry standard when it comes to trucking jobs, and the industry-standard is more than desirable.

First and foremost, there is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers. We’ve covered this issue in great detail already, but here’s the summary: the ATA predicts a need for around 1.1 million new drivers within the next 10 years to keep up with demand. American freight needs to be moved, but many drivers are retiring. On top of that, not enough new drivers are applying, and transportation companies are offering steep starting salaries and incredible benefits.

Here is what kinds of benefits new drivers can expect after they get hired:

High Starting Salaries

The truck driving industry offers among the highest starting salaries in the nation. New drivers can earn upwards of $40,000, and, later in their careers, it’s not uncommon to see salaries upwards of $70,000.


Health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance. Having your health in good hands is an important part of living with peace of mind, and countless truck driving companies offer great insurance.

Vacation Days and Other Benefits

Because truck driving requires you to be on the road for extended periods of time, having some downtime is more than important. That’s why many carriers give ample vacation time to their drivers. Along with that, you can receive sick days as well as opportunities like team driving.

Options for Retirement 

Retirement is a certainty when you have a stable income and a 401k retirement plan. Most carriers offer just that, allowing you to look forward to the future while living life on the open road.

These benefits vary from carrier to carrier, and no two policies are the same. As you’re looking for jobs in Sellersburg, keep these in mind to help make your decision.

Can I Use My CDL in Another State?

Sellersburg is a stone’s throw from Kentucky, meaning that many of the jobs you see listed in Sellersburg are posted in Louisville. This brings up a great question that’s relevant to your job search: if I get my CDL in Indiana, can I take a job in Louisville and drive in Kentucky?

The short answer is yes! The CDL A allows you to haul freight over state lines, meaning you can accept jobs in other states with ease.

The long answer is it depends on the type of CDL that you get.

Just like your normal driver’s license, the Class A CDL is valid in every state. On the other hand, the Class B CDL restricts where you can haul freight, and that’s usually restricted to the state where you received it. Class C CDLs are less common, but they’re restricted just like the Class B CDL.

If regional driving is your end goal, then a Class B CDL will suit you well. However, remember that a Class A CDL allows you to haul over state lines, meaning you can accept jobs that pay more. Additionally, Class A drivers can operate all the vehicles that Class B and Class C drivers can operate, making your license even more versatile should you wish to change your career down the line.

Now that we’ve established that there are some great trucking jobs in Sellersburg, let’s take a look at how you should get started in your new career.

How to Get Started on Your Career in Truck Driving

First and foremost, you need a CDL. Whether you’re looking to get your CDL A or CDL B, Truck Driver Institute (TDI) can provide you with training for either one.

Our Class A CDL is our most popular course, and it takes only 15 days to complete. This is our 3 week course, and we pair it with our world-class job placement program to make sure you get the job of your dreams.

Before you enter our building for the first time, our job placement experts begin filtering truck driving opportunities to get some potential matches. During your training, they work closely with you to use your preferences and career goals to further zero in on the perfect job for you. With our 86% success rate, many students are matched with jobs before they graduate. However, if you don’t find a job before graduation, we continue to work with you after your time at TDI to help you get behind the wheel with a reputable carrier.

Along with TDI’s expert instruction and job placement program, we work hard to get you behind the driver’s seat in no time.

Worried about the cost? No need! Many of the carriers we work with offer strong tuition reimbursement, and you can also take advantage of various scholarships and programs like the GI Bill ®.

Jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana – Get Your CDL at TDI

Interested? There’s a lot more to know about TDI and the truck driving industry. It’s one of the quickest growing industries in the nation, and new drivers, as well as professionals from other industries, are flocking to take part in it. There are many trucking jobs in Sellersburg, Indiana as well as other cities all over the country, and TDI wants to help you find them.

Pay a visit to our Sellersburg campus any time, or contact us to learn more about our 3-week program and get started on your new career today!

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