South Bend Surprises: Attractions in South Bend, Indiana

Aerial view of Indianapolis, Indiana skyline above Indiana World War Memorial and University park, and along Meridian and Pennsylvania streets.

Being a part of America’s trucking industry brings you head-to-head with numerous surprises on the job. Unlike in other industries, traveling the country is not reserved for a handful of vacation days but is an essential component of the job; passing through interesting landmarks, attractions, and locations becomes an everyday occurrence when en route. 

This dynamic career allows truckers to see the country with new eyes. Because truck drivers have such flexible schedules, they can take their rest stops at new and exciting places while on the job. If you’ve always wanted to visit Indiana, plentiful South Bend surprises await you as you pass through in your rig. 

Discover Indiana’s South Bend Surprises

When your route brings you to the Midwest, you may be lucky enough to pass through South Bend, Indiana, an incredibly innovative and lively city with a rich history. As the fourth-largest city in the state, South Bend is home to thriving riverfront communities, businesses, and natural habitats. 

From arts and culture to sports and recreation, South Bend provides an array of exciting opportunities for its many curious visitors. With so much to offer, here are some South Bend surprises you won’t want to miss out on during your next trip. 

The Studebaker National Museum

A trucker loves nothing more than their rig, but other types of cars are fascinating too! The Studebaker National Museum displays the innovations of the iconic Studebaker Corporation, a key player in the historical transformation of the automotive industry.

For gearheads and history enthusiasts alike, the museum offers visitors a chance to see an incredibly unique collection of vehicles—from the carriage that delivered Abraham Lincoln to Ford’s Theater to those ridden by Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, and Marquis de Lafayette.

Four Winds Field at Coveleski Stadium

Bearing the namesake of legendary World Series champ Stanley Coveleski, Four Winds Field encapsulates the essence of minor league baseball for players and fans alike. Historically speaking, baseball is and has always been an integral part of the culture in South Bend, bringing immigrants from all over the world into the fold of American life at large. Coveleski Stadium is a part of that story, beloved enough to bring icons like Babe Ruth and Dizzy Dean to play competitively against the locals of South Bend. 

Today, Four Winds Field is still very much home to exciting games, concerts, and events. Grab snacks to watch a South Bend Cubs game from inside the stadium, or bring a picnic over the right-field wall. A day at Coveleski Stadium is sure to be a home run. 

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

You don’t have to be religious to experience the architectural marvel that is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This iconic neo-gothic landmark contains high-impact beauty that seems directly transposed from a storybook. Soaring gilded archways, gold columns, and intricate hand-painted frescoes color the ceilings and walls of this magnificent space. Moreover, the Basilica is home to the most extensive collection of 19th-century French stained glass in the world; the National Register of Historic Places recognized the Basilica in 1978 for its many well-preserved wonders. 

Though the Basilica is still regularly used for religious services, it is open to the public for tours and viewing year-round. Volunteer tour guides are available on-site to inform visitors about the basilica’s rich history and highlight the many architectural details embedded in the space.

The Potawatomi Zoo

It doesn’t get much better for animal lovers than the 23-acre Potawatomi Zoo. With 500 animals on display, this zoo offers visitors a chance to see species from all over the world, bringing wonders from the outback, the rainforest, and the desert to the region of South Bend. It’s one of Indiana’s oldest zoos and even offers visitors unique opportunities to physically interact with sloths, otters, rhinos, and giraffes. 

The History Museum

Connected to the Studebaker Museum, the History Museum of South Bend has its roots in 1867, making it a historical landmark itself. The museum is incredibly informative, with bountiful archives of photographs, military records, newspapers, scrapbooks, found footage, and more. In the past year, the museum has displayed over 600,000 artifacts, each one characterizing the interwoven history of the St. Joseph River Valley region. 

Interestingly, the History Museum is home to a vast collection of media documenting and cataloging the history of the AAGPBL, or the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Also located on site is the historic Oliver Mansion, home to the family of renowned American industrialist J.D. Oliver.

The East Race Waterway

If you’re in the mood for a thrilling new experience, the East Race Waterway is the very definition of an unexpected urban adventure. It “made waves” by being the country’s first artificial whitewater rafting course, which was converted for recreational use from an abandoned canal in 1984. With over two thousand feet of rapids, splashes, and excitement, the East Race Waterway makes rafting, canoeing, and kayaking accessible to city goers who don’t want to face the logistics and dangers of backcountry exploits.

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