The Benefits of Getting Your CDL in Kentucky

The Benefits of Getting Your CDL in Kentucky

The benefits of getting your CDL in Kentucky are endless. Here at Truck Driver Institute, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best learning experience when you get your Class A CDL. No other trucking driving school in Kentucky is going to give you the care and attention that we do here at Truck Driver Institute. Competing schools take longer to teach you the fundamentals and don’t take the time to help you find a job once you graduate but that is not the case here at TDI. When you get your CDL in Kentucky from TDI you get:

  • Efficient instruction
  • Onsite Learning and Testing
  • Financial Support
  • Hiring Services 

Although our school is technically across state lines in Sellersburg, Indiana, many Kentuckians choose TDI because it gives them the best opportunity for a quick and lucrative career change. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of getting your CDL in Kentucky. 

4 Reasons To Get Your CDL in Kentucky

  1. Efficient Instruction

    Here at TDI our classes are just 3 weeks long. All it takes is 15 days and you will walk out our doors with a Class A, or B CDL. While we recommend getting a Class A CDL, we also offer a Class B training. Class A training is the most versatile and allows you to drive regionally or long haul over the road. A Class B license only allows you to drive regionally. 

    When you start your classes at TDI your 3 weeks will look like this:

    • Week 1: Classroom
    • Week 2: Hands on training 
    • Week 3: Advanced Skills, Testing and Graduation

    You can’t learn truck driving from a book and that is why by week 2, you will have hands-on experience behind a truck so that you are more than prepared to take your CDL test the next week. Hands-on learning is important to students and can keep you more engaged than if you were listening to an instructor speak. Our instructors are long-time industry professionals who know the ins and outs of truck driving and they will work with you and adapt to your learning style until you can learn the material. To learn more about what to expect from your 3 weeks at TDI when you’re getting your CDL in Kentucky go here.

  2. On-site Learning and Testing

    When you get your CDL in Kentucky from TDI you learn all your trucking skills on site. We have 8+ acres of land and a modern facility for you to practice your truck driving skills. We love having a dedicated space on-site because it allows us to keep everything in-house and we know that you are getting the best training under our watchful eye. Week 1 in our classroom setting is designed to help you get your CDL permit so you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel in week 2. 

    In week 2 you’re overseen by an industry professional and you’ll get to learn how to operate a full-sized 18-wheeler. You’ll practice things like straight line and offset backing. You’ll also learn how to do a pre-trip inspection to assess the safety of your truck before you get out on the road. At the end of week two you begin to drive on the road starting with low traffic scenarios.

    Here at TDI we are proud to have a 80% job placement rate and week 3 is all about learning advanced skills, graduating and getting out on the road. In week 3, you learn how to drive at night and advance to driving on the highway as well as on the driving range. At the end of week 3, you test on-site for the CDL of your choice and then you get to begin your truck driving career. Learn more about what truck driving school is really like and then sign up to get your CDL in Kentucky.

  3. Financial Support

    Competing truck driving schools are incredibly expensive and that can be intimidating. At TDI, we work with you to make truck driving affordable so you can begin your career. Truck Driver Institute offers varying financial resources to support our students. 

    Other truck driving companies may charge you as much as 3,000-6,000 dollars up front, at TDI your starting costs could be as low as 200-300 dollars depending on if you need lodging. Though TDI already has a low tuition cost, you can look into these two popular options to get your truck driving tuition paid in full:

    • Career Education Funding
    • Employer Tuition Assistance

    Career Education Funding has several programs that can help you with out-of-pocket expenses. TDI has a Student Services Department that helps students find which program is best for them.

    Many trucking companies offer Employer Tuition Assistance as truck drivers are in a high demand. Trucking companies will invest in your education and pay for your tuition in order to get well trained truck drivers which you are sure to be when you get your CDL in Kentucky. We are here to help get you financial assistance so that you can behind the wheel as soon as possible.

  4. Hiring Services

    Along with all the other fantastic benefits you get from getting your CDL in Kentucky you also get hiring services. TDI offers free hiring services to all students and graduates. When you start at TDI, you are placed with a staff member who starts working with you from the first day of classes to make sure that you have a job by the time you graduate. 

    Many of our students receive offers from a trucking company before they even graduate but if you don’t, don’t worry. Our hiring services can continue to be used once you graduate. If you decide that you don’t like where you are you’re always welcome to come back and we’ll find a new company that suits your needs.

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If you’ve been considering getting your CDL in Kentucky, this is your sign to do so. Truck Driver Institute is the best place to get your Class A CDL license in the shortest amount of time. When you attend TDI you become family. 

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