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Start a Better Life as a CDL Trained Truck Driver in As Little As 3 Weeks

Demand for CDL trained drivers is growing rapidly in an effort to add new employees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says some job sectors appear to just, “keep trucking.” A recent report by the BLS says the number of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers will likely grow 13 percent by 2018.

First of all, production of American goods slowed over the past few years but it is growing again. The most effective form of transportation is commercial trucking and it remained steady during the recession.

Additionally, the need for more drivers is exploding in the trucking industry. Couple that with projections that the truck driver field should grow 9-percent over the next decade.

So, many job seekers now choose CDL training for a career as a truck driver.

As a result, many new CDL trained drivers will be needed.

While the trucking industry as a whole remains steady during turbulent economic times, many economists expect to see it experience strong growth as the economy rebounds. As economic growth occurs, there will be an increasing need for CDL trained drivers as American grows in its production of goods.

Another factor contributing to the need for CDL trained drivers is that many career truck drivers are nearing retirement. Those positions need to be filled as aging drivers leave these jobs. Employers are working hard to recruit more drivers to their industry.

As a result, the BLS says it expects there to be competition for the jobs requiring CDL training pushing average salaries higher for CDL trained drivers.

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