What are the Best Truck Driving Companies to Work For?

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Whether you’re new to the industry, or a seasoned truck driver, trying to find the best company match to work with can be intimidating. However, TDI is here to help you answer the question: what are the best truck driving companies to work for? TDI will help you get matched with the best employer after you’ve received your CDL. Keep reading to discover the best potential employer for you. 

Werner Enterprises

One of the top truck driving companies to work for is Werner Enterprises. Werner offers excellent transportation services like temperature control, flatbed, regional and local van options, and expedited services, and they also have tons of benefits for their employees. So not only will you have a variety of transportation services to work with as a truck driver, and access to tuition reimbursement, a high starting salary, full benefits (including health, dental, and vision), retirement plans, and more. 


Another great truck driving company to work for is Schneider National. Like Werner Enterprises, Schneider also offers tuition reimbursement, among other great benefits. Under Schneider’s program, you could receive up to a $7K reimbursement! Having the financial side of earning your CDL can and will take a huge load off your shoulders–even as you begin hauling loads for Schneider! With Schneider, you’ll also receive continuous training, even after you earn your CDL with TDI. Scheider works to build off your previous knowledge, helping its truck drivers be the top drivers in their field. 

TransAm Trucking

TransAm Trucking is also a fantastic choice for new and seasoned truck drivers. Along with tuition reimbursement, TransAm offers a sign-on bonus when you work 30, 90, and 120 days–not to mention a retention bonus for every month you continue to work at TransAm. Talk about a bountiful bonus! 

H.O. Wolding

Like many truck driving companies, H.O. Wolding offers tuition reimbursement. However, they stray from the pack with the way that they pay. Instead of paying via HHG (short miles), H.O Wolding pays by Practical Miles, which can more accurately count the distance driven and pay you 5% more than HHG. But what else is there? H.O. Wolding offers inexperienced drivers a $2,000 sign-on bonus and three pay increases within the first year. 

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation is one of the nation’s largest privately owned flatbed carriers. When considering the best truck driving companies to work for, figuring out whether you’d rather work for a public or private company can help narrow it down quite a bit right off the bat. Working for a private company like TMC Transportation can open the door and allow access to benefits that public companies may not. As a private company, TMC can focus on its relationships with its employees, its suppliers, and more. After all, over 40 years in the industry means they have extensive truck driving connections to lean on. 

Cypress Truck Lines

Cypress Truck Lines offers many benefits, including tuition reimbursement, training opportunities, competitive salary, sign-on bonus, and more. Cypress Truck Lines is family owned and operated, so like TMC Transportation, if you’re looking for more one-on-one and personal attention, Cypress Truck Lines may be for you. Cypress has five locations in the Southeast, making it an ideal company for those in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. 

U.S. Xpress

After TMC Transportation, U.S. Xpress is the next largest privately owned truckload carrier. U.S. Xpress brings together experts, new drivers, and life-changing opportunities to create the best company culture for all involved. You’ll get the feel of a small business with the access of a well-established corporation!

Stevens Transport

Stevens Transport focuses on its tuition reimbursement plan to make earning your CDL as accessible as possible. Stevens will pay 100% of the first month of your loan note and each payment after–and if you work for them for at least two years, they’ll pay off your loan! Stevens is committed to making truck driving and earning your CDL accessible for everyone, not just those who can pay out of pocket. 

Dot Transportation

You may not have heard of Dot Transportation, but you sure have heard of their transportation subsidiary: Dot Foods. Dot Foods is the largest food service redistribution company in the US, selling products like King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Dinner Roll, Silk Almond milk, Chobani yogurt, and more. Dot Transportation has grown right alongside Dot Foods. It boasts one of the lowest turnover rates in the trucking industry, meaning you’ll be there for the long term due to its stellar benefits and treatment of its employees–and you’ll want to stay there!  

KLLM Transport

KLM Transport has a simple yet direct method for truck driving. After graduating from your driving school, you’ll attend their orientation, go out with a company trainer, and get upgraded and assigned a truck. From here, it’s up to you to decide a career path–whether Lease Purchase Operator, OTR truck driver, or regional driver, it’s up to you.


A major trucking company you already know is Amazon. Unlike other trucking companies, Amazon’s trucking jobs look different from other traditional companies. Amazon truck drivers still need a CDL to drive, but they differ in that they’re paid by the hour, are considered small business owners (as they are business to a customer instead of business to business), and have the option to deliver for a Delivery Service Partner (DSP). Amazon is a prime choice (forgive the pun!) for its flexibility and freedom. 

McElroy Truck Lines

McElroy Truck Lines is one of the nation’s leading flatbed carriers. McElroy comes from humble beginnings yet is far-reaching within the truck driving community and industry. McElroy has incredible starting salaries, a sign-on bonus, layover pay, free health insurance, a 401K retirement matching plan, and more.   

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