How to Move from the Gaming Industry to Truck Driving?

Wondering how to move from the gaming industry to truck driving? Although it’s an incredibly tough time to be in the casino gaming industry, the good news is that it’s easy to pivot your career to truck driving. With just three weeks of training, you can become a licensed truck driver and on the highway to a steady career. 

How to Move from the Gaming Industry to Truck Driving?

Why Shift from the Casino Industry to Truck Driving?

Thinking about moving from the casino gaming industry to truck driving, but uncertain if you should make the career shift? Consider the following compelling reasons for making a job change now and becoming a truck driver.

Truck Driving Is A Stable Choice Even During A Recession

Because of the coronavirus, we are currently in the middle of the worst recession in history. The recreation industry, which includes casinos and amusement parks, has been hit particularly hard. These businesses rely on in-person interactions with customers and fellow employees, a business model that the coronavirus has made incredibly difficult to sustain.

There’s good news, though: the coronavirus has not damaged the trucking industry nearly as much as the casino gaming industry. In fact, over the last few months, trucking jobs have actually been on the rise

With many more people than usual depending on grocery delivery, mail-order prescriptions, online shopping, and other contact-free methods, the demand is high for faster shipping rates and increased shipping volumes. Truck drivers are more necessary to keep the economy going than ever before. 

There Is a National Shortage of Truck Drivers

Even before the pandemic hit, there was a national shortage of truck drivers. Many current truck drivers are at or approaching retirement age, and there are not enough younger drivers to replace them. 

Women also frequently do not consider truck driving as a job option. This is a shame given that trucking is one of the few professions in the nation where women do not make less than men. These and other factors have contributed to the national shortage of truck drivers that keeps rising year after year. 

The fact that there is a national shortage of truck drivers is great, however, for people considering moving from the gaming to the trucking industry. With so many companies eager to fill gaps in their employment, you’re sure to not only have a new trucker job in record time, but to have lasting job security, too. 

Truck Driving Has Many Career Benefits

Not only are trucking jobs in high demand right now, but truck driver jobs are great to have and offer many benefits.

For starters, truck driving jobs have a high-earning potential. The average truck driver salary is $45,037, which is about $10,000 higher than the average casino worker salary. Highly competent trucker graduates from TDI tend to make anywhere from $40,000 to $78,000 depending on their location and company they end up working for.

Truck drivers also tend to receive great benefit packages. These packages frequently include health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and 401k retirement plans. You might even get paid time off for holidays and vacations. 

Truck Drivers Have Job Flexibility

When you work for a casino, you have set hours that you need to work your shifts. You also have to go to the same place every day and tend to see many of the same people.

Not so with trucking. If you become a truck driver, every day can be a new adventure on the open road. You will get to see many new places and meet many different people across the state or across the country, depending on your preference. 

Truck drivers also have the luxury of setting their own hours. So long as you comply with the hours of service regulation, when you’re out on the open road, you get to be your own boss.

How to Move from the Gaming Industry to Truck Driving? 

From job security to the high demand for mail services, there are lots of great reasons to shift from the recreation industry to trucking. But are you still wondering how to move from the gaming industry to truck driving? Here is our expert advice for how to do exactly that.

1. Meet the Requirements

If you want to become a truck driver, you have to be at least 18 years old, as that is the minimum age requirement to get your CDL. You have to be 21 years old though before you can take on interstate driving.

If you want to become a truck driver, you generally also need to have a clean driving record. While one traffic violation will likely not damage your chances of getting a CDL, having a more serious driving crime on your federal record will.

2. Go to Truck Driving School

Becoming a truck driver is an amazing job, but it does require training. Here at TDI, we teach our drivers to be highly competent in road safety measures, types of trucks, hauling protocols, and everything else you need to know to become a master truck driver. And all of that takes only three weeks.

3. Pass the CDL Exam

To become a truck driver, you first need to obtain your CDL by passing the CDL exam. This exam consists of several parts, including a written portion, a road test, and a physical exam

Our skilled instructors at TDI have not only years of experience helping people pass their CDL exams, but years of experience driving trucks. Their expert and hands-on knowledge will help you succeed at your CDL exam.

4. Find a Job

Finally, there’s nothing left to do but find an amazing truck driving job! TDI can help with that, too. Our job placement program has a 86% success rate because we are committed to not only creating highly qualified drivers, but to getting them employed with great carriers. 

TDI Can Help You On the Road to a More Stable Career

Worrying about how to move from the gaming industry to truck driving? When you decide to attend TDI, your career change can happen worry-free. 

Our instructors have plenty of experience helping people with jobs in other industries successfully establish their careers as truck drivers. Contact us today to learn more about TDI can speed you along the exciting road from casino worker to truck driver.

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