The Best CDL School Indianapolis Has to Offer

Truck Driver Institute has the best CDL school Indianapolis has to offer. There isn’t any other truck driving school in Indianapolis that provides the same kind of care and attention that we do.  Other truck driving schools may take months to train you and they are costly. At Truck Driving Institute our classes are only 15 days and there’s a low cost to get started. After 3 weeks you’ll have your Class A CDL and be ready to get your career on the road. 

CDL Training Indianapolis

Accelerate your future at our Indianapolis location, and keep reading to learn more about the greatest CDL school Indianapolis has to offer. 

4 CDL School Indianapolis Benefits

The benefits of a CDL school Indianapolis residents love are endless. When you choose Truck Driver Institute to get your CDL you choose:

  1. 3-week training
  2. Skilled instructors
  3. Job placement assistance
  4. Lodging

Read on to discover how TDI is the best CDL school Indianapolis has to offer!

    1. 3-Week Training

      At TDI we understand that time is of the essence. It’s not feasible to be out of work for months while you work to get your Class A or B CDL. We recommend getting your Class A CDL, as it’s the most versatile, but we offer Class B training as well. That’s why our classes are just 3 weeks long. In 15 days you’ll be ready to get out on the road and enjoy the benefits of being a truck driver. Our classes are split up as follows:

      • Week 1: In-class training 
      • Week 2: Behind the wheel training 
      • Week 3: On the road training, Testing and Graduation

      Week 1 is designed to get you your CDL permit so that you’ll be prepared for week 2, which provides hands-on training on our 18+ acres of land. The knowledge that you get from your classroom training will be applied when you start your behind-the-wheel training. During week 1 you’ll learn things like trip planning, cargo claims, weight scales, map inspections and so much more. 

      Week 2 and 3 is when you practice and learn things like straight line and offset backing, as well as how to do vehicle maintenance such as pre-trip inspections. By week 3 you’ll be driving on the open road in a low traffic scenario. At the end of week 3, you’ll test on-site for your license. We love keeping our training and testing on-site because it keeps our students more comfortable and motivated. 

      At TDI we get you in and out efficiently and with all the knowledge you need to be a successful truck driver. All of our behind-the-wheel training is overseen by our long-time industry professional instructors.

    2. Skilled Instructors

      It’s hard to teach truck driving if you’ve never been behind the wheel. To be a truck driving instructor you have to attend multiple classes and receive a certificate for it. To even begin that process you need 2-3 years of experience as a truck driver. To be an effective instructor you have to know the ins and outs of truck driving, as all of our instructors do. Many of our instructors have been truck drivers for years and they know all about the industry and how to navigate it. When on the road training begins, we start our students on our private off-road driving range during the day. We slowly advance your skills so that by week 3 you are comfortable driving at night and are ready to take your CDL exam. 

      We want to give our students only the best here at Truck Driver Institute.

    3. Job Placement Assistance

      At TDI we have a 80% job placement rating and that is in part due to our amazing instructors and also because of our hiring services. Our hiring services are free to all students and graduates. We are proud to not be affiliated with any particular trucking company unlike other trucking schools, so we are not obligated to place you with any particular company. Many of our students receive job offers before they even graduate. If you don’t, not to worry. Our hiring services are still available to you after you graduate. From the first day you start class, you are paired with a staff member who works with you throughout the time you spend at TDI to make sure that you have a job offer by the time you graduate. If you don’t have an offer we’ll continue to work with you until you find a spot that best fits your needs. If you decide that you don’t like where you are, you can always come back and talk with us. We’d be more than happy to help you find a new spot and we’ll keep helping you until you’re satisfied.

    4. Lodging

      Not from Indianapolis? Don’t worry! You can still go to the best CDL school Indianapolis has to offer with our lodging. Many of our students choose our lodging option if they have a long commute. Our classes are immersive and that’s why we have lodging choices, we want everyone to be able to take the best CDL training Indianapolis has to give. Our Indianapolis school supports the surrounding areas including Anderson, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Carmel, and Bloomington. You aren’t required to be an Indianapolis resident to train for your CDL so it doesn’t matter where you come from you can take your classes here!

Start at the Best CDL School Indianapolis Has Today!

You won’t find better CDL school in Indianapolis. Truck Driver Institute has created an incredible environment to learn truck driving. If you’ve ever considered getting your CDL, do it! No matter your gender or age truck driving is an inclusive industry that more women are entering every day. There isn’t a need to be concerned about cost either. TDI offers financial support for all our students and you can get started with as little as $225 out of pocket. There isn’t a better place to get your Class A CDL and start your truck driving career. 

Contact us if you want to learn more information about the best CDL school Indianapolis has to offer. 

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