Truck Driver Institute’s Indianapolis location offers training for both Class A and Class B CDL certification as a comprehensive commercial driving school.


For the past 47 years, we’ve been developing strong partnerships with carriers and honing our training material. In 2004, we opened our doors in central Indiana, bridging the gap between the areas’ thriving transportation industry and career seekers. 

We’re excited to announce that our truck driving school in Indianapolis has recently relocated to an 18-acre training facility with larger classrooms and modern technology. We are now equipped to certify a greater number of students than ever before. 

While many careers are oversaturated, Indiana’s transportation industry is actively seeking drivers. As the state with the shortest distance to the U.S. population’s median center, Indiana is the natural headquarters for the transportation industry. 



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Why You Should Choose Our Truck Driving School in Indianapolis:

Indiana’s thriving transportation economy:

  • The state boasts over 100,000 transportation jobs. 
  • Indiana is the #1 producer of truck trailers.
  • It has the most pass-through highways.
  • Indiana is home to FedEx’s second-largest air hub worldwide.

Just 15 days after you arrive at our truck driving school in Indiana, you’ll graduate our program qualified for a new and in-demand career in Indiana’s booming transportation industry. 

Three Weeks to Reroute Your Life 

Not only is Indiana the ideal location for a career in truck driving, Truck Driver Institute offers an unparalleled CDL training and certification program. Our Truck Driving School in Indianapolis blends classroom and behind-the-wheel training. In 15 days, you’ll graduate from TDI with the skills, knowledge, and experience desired by major transportation companies. Each week of our program prepares you for your CDL license. Think of each phase as a pit stop to certification!

Jon and Tammy Walker

Tennessee truck driving schoolTruck Driver Institute was the best choice for us. TDI allowed us to explore all carriers opportunities. The instructors were top notch, caring supportive and patient. We would recommend TDI to anyone interested in a career in the trucking industry.

Partner With the Best. A Few of Our Carrier Partners:

How Many Times Can You Fail Your CDL Test


Week 1   

In your first week of our program, you’ll prepare for your written CDL permit test. Not only is the CDL permit required for you to begin your hands-on-training, the knowledge you gain in the classroom is integral to your future career. 

A CDL certification is a professional license, earning you a credible profession. It requires specialized knowledge and skills, and it is elevated far above a personal vehicle drivers’ license. 

Our instructors are both engaging teachers and industry leaders. They adapt Truck Driver Institute’s proven material to your learning style. By the end of week one, you’ll be well-versed in:  

  • Cargo Claims
  • Trip planning 
  • The legal requirements for weight scales 
  • Maintaining your driver’s log
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Smith systems 
  • Map Inspection

As you begin your coursework, you’ll meet with one of our placement experts to discuss your career goals. Together, you’ll form a list of carriers that meet your regional preferences, offer your desired growth opportunities, and provide the benefits you need. As you advance in our program, you’ll continue meeting with your advisor. Because of our emphasis on career placement, many of our students have received competitive job offers prior to their graduation date. Knowing your career is waiting for helps you stay motivated throughout the program. 

Truck Driver Institute provides on-site testing for your CDL permit at the end of your first week. With your permit in one hand and the keys to a full-sized 18 wheeler in the other, you’ll move into the next phase of your career training. 

Indianapolis Truck Driving School

Week 2

Now that you possess the professional knowledge required to join our industry, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Each of our instructors has logged thousands of miles as drivers. They use their real-world experience to teach you how to operate large and complex machinery. 

Your safety both during and after graduating our program is our greatest priority. During week two of Truck Driver Institute’s CDL training program, we instruct you in how to complete standard pre-trip inspections.

Our truck driving school in Indianapolis eases you into your hands-on training by starting you on our private, off-road driving range. This safe, multi-acre environment is the perfect place to learn how to backup a full-sized 18-wheeler.  

In the final days of your second week, you’ll take the skills you learned on our driving range to the road. Our instructors introduce you to this new driving environment through low-traffic, day driving sessions. 

Week 3 

In the final week of your training, you’ll focus on advanced skill-building. We guide you through high-traffic and night driving environments. You’ll return to the driving range to practice the intricacies of maneuvering a large vehicle in complex scenarios. By the end of week three, you’ll leave TDI’s truck driving school in Indiana with the commercial driving industry’s highest difficulty skill sets. 

The only thing left to accomplish before starting your career is taking your CDL Driving Skills Test-Highway/Street Testing. We offer testing on-site at the conclusion of your program. After you pass your exam, you’ll be a certified professional equipped to operate large and complex machinery. 


Post-Graduate Life: No Pit Stops 

Because career planning is an integral part of Truck Driver Institute’s comprehensive training program, we get your career on the road without post-graduate delays. On average, new truck drivers start their career earning between $700-$1000 per week. 

Our truck driving school’s career placement rate is over 90%. We achieve this high success rate through close partnerships with over 20 major carriers. The emphasis is on partnerships because we are the largest commercial driving school East of the Rockies that operates independently from any carrier. There are two major benefits to becoming certified at our independent training center:

  1. You aren’t locked into working for a specific company after you graduate. 
  2. TDI’s program meets the highest industry standards rather than a particular carriers preferences, making you a nationally desirable job candidate. 

TDI’s truck driving school in Indianapolis is committed to your ongoing success and advancement within the industry. Our free hiring services come with a lifetime guarantee for all of our graduates. If your career goals or desired location shifts, we’re happy to help you find a position that meets your evolving needs. It’s always a pleasure reconnecting with our graduates and watching their careers advance overtime.   


Partners of Our Indianapolis Truck Driving School

As a TDI graduate, you are sought after by major carrier companies who standardly provide drivers with dental and medical insurance, as well as a 401K retirement plan. A range of additional benefits are provided by each carrier. 

Here are a few of TDI’s frequent partners, and the benefits they offer our drivers. 

  • Werner Enterprises provides up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement. 
  • Dot Transportation was endorsed as one of America’s Largest Private Companies by Forbes Magazine. Dot Transportation’s low driver turnover rates can be attributed to high employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Schneider National offers our students tuition reimbursement up to $7,000 to encourage TDI’s student to sign with them within 12 months of their graduation. 
  • Stevens Transport pays 100% of your monthly loan note if you sign with them. Additionally, they will pay the entirety of your loan if you remain with them for two years. 
  • TMC Transportation rewards hard work, not years of experience through their performance-based pay program. This gives newly certified drivers the opportunity to earn up to $60,0000 during their first year at TMC Transportation. 
  • Cypress Truck Lines blends the best aspects of large and small carriers by offering year-round freight opportunities to 48 states, while also valuing each driver as an integral member of their team. 
  • U.S. Xpress Enterprises has provided all of Truck Driver Institute’s graduates with $200 monthly Tuition Assistance. For every six months you remain at their company, U.S. Xpress puts $500 toward your loans.  
  • KLLM Transport employees have the opportunity to build on their CDL license and enter a specialized field within the transportation industry. You’ll begin by completing their KLLM orientation to learn their practices, and then you’ll be upgraded and assigned to a truck. At this point, you will select a specialization: Lease Purchase Operator, Over the Road Driver, or Regional Driver. 
  • TransAm Trucking is an attractive option for TDI graduates due to their tuition reimbursement program which provides up to $6000 in $125 monthly installments. 
  • H.O. Wolding employees have have access to three pay growth opportunities within your first year as a commercial driver. After two years with them, you are rewarded with a reduced health care insurance benefit premium.   


Find Our Truck Driving Schools in Indianapolis

Our Indianapolis location is conveniently located right off of I-65, just south of Greenwood Municipal Airport, making it easy to commute to your daily CDL training classes.

Don’t Live In the Indianapolis Area?

Many of our students live out of the area but still choose our Indiana truck driving school because of our high-quality training and established partnerships with major carriers throughout the United States. Our program is intended to be immersive, so we offer lodging to out-of-town students whose commute would prevent them from participating in our program. Our Indianapolis truck driving school serves surrounding cities, including Anderson, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Carmel, and Bloomington

Since you are not required to be an Indiana resident to train for your CDL license here, out-of-state students are also welcome!

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